The following references are used by CDC in the local plan documentation

Green Belt Assessment (GBA) n/a
Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)  CD0038

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If you are not sure where this location is in Prestwood use the map to correlate the GBA and HELAA references so you can see where they are referring to.

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Current Assessment effective October 2016

There is one relevant document that captures the current status of this area.

Document 1

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Location in the document: Page 70/144 Appendix 5 – Sites Deemed Suitable, Available and Achievable at Stage 2 Assessment: Chiltern sites only at this stage

Summary of key points:

  • Site: CD0038
  • Name: Florence Orchard, Nairwood Lane
  • Parish: Great Missenden
  • Source: Call For Sites
  • Delivery: 6 -10 Years
  • Use:  Residential
  • Capacity (net): 5 to 9 dwellings I
  • Comments:   In principle development may be suitable, however given the size of the site only a small number of dwellings may be suitable. The proposal on the site consists of back garden development, however site nomination indicates the land is within a single land ownership which may indicate higher likelihood of availability. Given that there is not a planning application or developer with a definite scheme a conservative estimate of 6 -10 years has been applied.

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