The following references are used by CDC in the local plan documentation

Green Belt Assessment (GBA) 2.02*
Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) n/a

*2.02 combines 4.054 & 4.055 as well. The site is the largest site around Prestwood at over 10 Ha.

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If you are not sure where this location is in Prestwood use the map to correlate the GBA and HELAA references so you can see where they are referring to.

Prestwood Map View

Prestwood Aerial View

PVA Comment: This area has come up before in two separate areas, one of which relates to “76 New Homes”. The only difference is someone has added the boundaries around two house on Wycombe road and extended this boundary around the land parallel with Lodge Lane so now there is one very large area of land with potential access from the Wycombe Road and from the cul de sacs on the south side of Lodge Lane.

These are the other references to the same space. Click on the links and they will take you to the other assessments:

Current Assessment effective October 2016

There is one relevant document that captures the current status of this area.

Document 1

Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils Emerging Local Plan (2014 – 2036) Green Belt Development Options Appraisal October 2016

Follow this link to the load the relevant document:
Source Document Link

Location in the document: Page 91/195

Summary of key points:

  • Option: Prestwood – East of Wycombe Road
  • Hectares 10.74
  • Main Use Option: Residential
  • Reasons for including in Options: The Prestwood Revitalisation Group is promoting significant changes to Prestwood Village Centre (e.g. to create a stronger village centre, highway redesign and layout, additional street planting and public realm investment) and to explore whether a new primary school can be provided (and the existing developed for housing). They have secure public funding to undertake some initial viability work. This option has been included in the Issues and Options to test whether the community is prepared to consider an extension to Prestwood which (subject to viability testing) could secure developer funding to deliver part of the community aspirations.
  • Assessment Source: Green Belt Assessment
  • Assessment Summary: Unable to define an appropriate defensible Green Belt boundary should this option be taken out of the Green Belt and therefore the assessment failed at that point.
  • Conclusion: Failed to define a boundary and therefore not considered further.
  • Overall Conclusion/ Recommendation: Retain in the Green Belt.

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