Land Redevelopment in Prestwood

New Homes Required within Prestwood

Control of development (i.e. the built environment) within Prestwood is achieved through a Chiltern District Council development plan, known in officialdom as the Delivery Development Plan Document (DDPD).  The DDPD, a 150 page document which is currently in draft and was last the subject of a public consultation in 2013,  builds on the CDC Core Strategy document. The latest draft DDPD is out for the final public consultation round now.  It is expected to show that after allowing for known housing developments which have already been approved, or are likely to be approved in the period up to 2026, there is a shortfall against government targets of between 338 and 588 new homes to be built in the Chiltern District.

Prestwood is surrounded by Green Belt land and lies within the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), making feasible building sites difficult to find within the present boundary of the village.  Nevertheless, CDC must satisfy the government that it has realistic plans to achieve the targets.  Therefore CDC has identified 4 sites within Prestwood, comprising clusters of large back gardens which, if sold by owners, could become practicable building sites and reduce the shortfall.  These potential development sites are called Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) sites.  At the last consultation many owners of the gardens affected and residents living nearby  voiced their opposition to the SHLAAs appearing unannounced, literally in their backyards.  Nevertheless, one of the 4 Prestwood SHLAAs, The Glebe, has been elevated to a Housing Proposed Site for 9 dwellings.

The subject of housing development in Prestwood, and the associated policies which govern the Green Belt and AONB, can be expected to remain  Hot Topics for the foreseeable future.

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  1. I asked CDC to explain why The Glebe had been singled out for upgrading from a SHLAA to a proposed housing site but no explanation has been received. Therefore I have submitted my response form without the benefit of this information. This is how I responded: The thrust of the response is that in respect of the proposed housing site H12 (The Glebe) the DDPD is unsound (unrealistic) because not all the landowners concerned intend to sell their land within the time span of the DDPD.

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