76 New Homes off Lodge Lane

New Outline Planning Application

In the list of Chiltern District Council’s Planning Applications for the week ending 24th July, there’s an outline planning application for development of the site to provide 76 dwellings on land off Lodge Lane with access via Dell and Widmere Fields.  Application No. CH/2014/1242/OA submitted by The Great Missenden Trust. Follow this link to see where the proposed development will be located. [an interactive Google Map with a satellite view of Prestwood with the approximate area marked.] Our local Chiltern District Councillor, John Gladwin, has confirmed that this area is currently designated as Green Belt land. He is also calling this application in to the CDC Planning Committee. Reading through some of the documents that have been placed on the Chiltern District Council Planning website, it is clear that this has been planned for some time as the reports include surveys conducted in 2013.  You do not have a year to consider the merits of this development, however.  Chiltern District Council Planning need to hear from you by Friday 22 August.. If you feel strongly about this proposed development – now is the time to act.

Where is the information?

You need to go to Chiltern District Council Planning Applications and enter the following planning reference into the box: CH/2014/1242/OA . This will return with 13 documents [correct on 30th July] showing surveys and plans including a Neighbour Notification document indicating that  22  properties within 25 metres of the proposed development site have been formally contacted by CDC.

What can I do?  – Don’t leave it to someone else.

1. Great Missenden Parish Council’s Planning Committee will consider this application on Monday 4th August at the Parish Office in Great Missenden and will  prepare a response to CDC on the outline planning application. If you wish to voice your concerns, the meeting starts at 7:30pm and there’s a short period at the beginning where members of the public can raise issues.

2. Chiltern District Council  Representations should be made either in writing to the Development Control Manager, Chiltern District Council, King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5AW or by e-mail to planning@chiltern.gov.uk. Please be sure to include your postal address and the reference: Application No. CH/2014/1242/OA .   Your comments need to be received by Friday 22 August 2014.

3.  Also see Press Release regarding the forthcoming Green Belt review which may have relevance and implications on a development such as this.

You may also make representations directly to elected Members of the CDC Planning Committee (or any elected Member of the Council). A list of the Members of the Planning Committee can be obtained on request from Planning Services or the Council’s website (www.chiltern.gov.uk/democracy).   Our CDC Council members for Prestwood are Mark Cunnane, Andrew Garnett and John Gladwin, with John Gladwin being on the CDC Planning Committee – see Community Directory for contact details.

How can Prestwood Village Association help?

If there is sufficient interest, we will connect the interested parties together. You can make a start by making a comment at the end of this article. Prestwood Village Association will add an entry under Hot Topics and keep groups updated there as well as more news unfolds around this subject. (Update 1/8/14 NEW: If you wish to join an interest group that is actively following this proposal please send a message to 76newhomes@prestwoodva.org.uk and the co-ordinator will get back in contact with you.) 

Make a comment?

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Previous comments from a related news item:

Submitted on 2014/07/29 at 10:21 pm | In reply to Clare. (from Barbara)
The Monday 4 August meeting is the next Great Missenden Parish Council Planning Committee meeting which will be held in the Parish office. There will be a public forum at 7.30pm at the start of the meeting. The GMPC will make their decision as to whether they support or object to the outline planning application at that meeting and will submit this to the CDC Planning Department by the deadline for all comments, ie. 15 August. http://www.greatmissendenpc.co.uk/council-info/meeting-dates-calendar/

(from Caroline) Submitted on 2014/07/29 at 9:04 pm
It looks as if the meeting on 4 August is due to take place in the Parish Office:- http://www.greatmissendenpc.co.uk/council-info/meeting-dates-calendar/ Address details are here:- http://www.greatmissendenpc.co.uk/contact-us/

(from Clare) Submitted on 2014/07/29 at 6:58 pm
Please can you let me know where the meeting is on 4 August? This will significantly impact the residents of Lodge Lane and the whole of Prestwood as the community is currently unable to cope with the level of residents at the moment. Doctors surgeries and schools are all full, and cannot cope with another 76 families.



10 thoughts on “76 New Homes off Lodge Lane”

  1. 1. Chiltern District Council have always been very strict about any developments in the village. I live in an area of Green Belt and AONB along the main road, near the Polecat, and they have consistently warned that a) there is no possibility of building on the land we own next to the house (not that we want to) and refused to let us even raise the roof of our garage a few feet. Is the area designated for 76 new houses residential Green Belt, Green Belt, or Green Belt and AONB. Are they relaxing their rules, or is it only for certain favoured proposals?
    2. There has been growing traffic along the main road and Lodge Lane/Green Lane, and this development will lead to even more.
    3. Prestwood is still a country village, and to lose more green space will spoil its character.

  2. The simple fact is there is not enough housing in England so each region has to have some development, and not just luxury executive homes. We need to give our kids the chance to own an affordable local home. However for a village the size of Prestwood 76 houses is far too many for roads, schools, services to support. 20 -30 new budget homes is all Prestwood can support.

  3. A special email account has been set up through Prestwood Village Association to help people to connect to each other through a growing interest group relating to this housing development proposal. If you are interested in joining it please send a message to: 76newhomes@prestwoodva.org.uk and the co-ordinator will get back to you.

  4. Hi All,

    I am one of your three District Cllrs.

    “Yes” this land is greenbelt and “no” CDC hasn’t relaxed its criteria. Anyone can make a planning application in respect of any piece of land at any time regardless of whether they own it. It then falls to the District Council to determine the application based upon the details in the plan and the national and district planning rules.

    Because this land is green belt the applicant needs to show a special circumstance why this development is needed at that site. It is true that both nationally and locally we need more housing and more affordable housing in particular but that isn’t persuasive for this site in particular.

    This Outline Application has been called before CDC’s full planning Cttee for consideration – that means people that hold elected office across the District and who are accountable to you, the electorate, will make the decision.

    Each and every one of you can comment on this application to Chiltern Distirct Council – please do so, but do think about what you say. Your arguments are better if they are made on solid planning grounds rather than a personal hypotheses that “the local roads are too busy”.

    Your District Cllrs want to help you with this application so use us!


  5. Prestwood is already the largest in village in the UK and 76 new homes is only going to overpopulate. No adjoining roads over to kingshill as that will only just become a shortcut. If they build there it should be a small close! …one way in, one way out!!

  6. The planning application refers to this site as ‘Unused scrubland’. Well its not. It is the habitat of many different species of birds and animals, all of which will be lost by the removal of the trees etc. We are supposed to protect our ‘Greenbelt’ environment, not concrete it over.

  7. FOR THE RECORD… There is no connection between the “Great Missenden Trust” that runs Great Missenden Combined C of E School Academy and a group of people who have lodged a planning application to build 76 new homes on Dell Field in Prestwood, and who happen to have called themseves the “Great Missenden Trust. No part of the Church of England, or any of its clergy, are associated with the planning application.

  8. To the coordinator of @76newhomes,

    Thanks for setting up an interest group, I understand this is an important step towards Prestwood developing a Neighbourhood plan, which is a relatively new planning approach, which gives lots of powers to local people – http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/my-community-rights/.

    Whilst developing a neighbourhood plan will not be possible in the timescales involved for this development application (but let’s look at getting a neighbourhood plan in place for the future!) – there is the potential to register the development site as a community asset, which should then register with Chiltern District within 8 weeks – more info here http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/community-right-to-bid/how-does-it-work/. It looks like around 30 signatures or a community group is what is needed to get the ball rolling on lots of these things…will there be any further meetings?

  9. In relation to this application there are various things that one might wish to consider in any objection being sent to planning at Chiltern District Council (planning@chiltern.gov.uk – remember to quote the reference of the application in your email and get it in BEFORE 15/8).

    (1) this land is in the greenbelt and a part of the AONB; as such it is supposed to be sacrosanct.

    (2) the aborological survey appears to say the equivalent of “move along please nothing to see here” but we know that not to be true with a relative abundance of trees and wildlife providing a sustainable home for all manner of wildlife. It would make much sense to comment on what we know to be at this location.

    (3) it might be worth trying to argue the point of the land effectively being a community facility given it has been open to the public for many years and is so widely used by the local community.

    (4) whilst I tend not to advise arguments about traffic (Bucks CC as Highways Authority always comments on whether the roads can take the strain etc and their views are regarded as being inviolable on such matters), it does seem that the traffic report produced by the consultants is deficient in a number of regards and certainly doesn’t reflect local travel patterns today – how many of us walk / take the bus / cycle everywhere? If we don’t, new residents to this estate won’t either. So it is worth commenting about particularly from the perspective of the two roads which will form the entry / exit points to this new estate.

    (5) for those proximate to the site there may also be arguments around loss of privacy, visual amenity and noise and disturbance both during but way more crucially after the development.

    These are some pointers to consider. What’s vital is that as many people as possible comment before the 15/8.

    I hope this helps.


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