76 New Homes off of Lodge Lane

The following is a new hot topic which first appeared at the end of July 2014. While we will continue to place new posts on the news page, we will keep this page up to date with a summary of the latest information.

LAST UPDATE 30th of July 2014

Dell and Widmere Field no longer to be cul-de-sacs?

29/07/14 Update: Our local CDC Councillor, John Gladwin, has called this outline planning application to the CDC Planning Committee and confirms that the site is in the Green Belt.

In the list of Chiltern District Council’s Planning Applications for the week ending 24th July, there’s an outline planning application for redevelopment of site to provide 76 dwellings on land off Lodge Lane with access via Dell and Widmere Fields.  Application No. CH/2014/1242/OA submitted by The Great Missenden Trust.

Your comments need to be received by Chiltern District Council by Friday 15 August.  Follow the Chiltern District Council Planning on-line link to see the plans and other documents.  You’ll need to enter search under CH/2014/1242/OA.

Immediate questions include seeking the history of previous applications on the site?  Was this land originally included in planning application by Lovells to further extend the Lodge Lane estate years ago? At that time, PVA understands promised Infrastructure included a new community building and other facilities which did not materialise?  Do any Prestwood Society members have any records and history?  What comments will the residents of Dell Field and Widmere Field and Lodge Lane have?  Prestwood Nature will have comments too? Will it overstretch drainage and sewerage, water pressure etc.  Are parking needs for the proposed dwellings being adequately provided?  Will the local schools and GPs surgeries be able to cope?  What willl Great Missenden Parish Council’s Planning Committee have to say?  Next meeting Monday 4 August at 7.30pm, Parish Office, The Buryfield, Gt Missenden – Public Forum at the start of the meeting.

Within the documentation it’s listed under Opportunities – “to provide sustainable housing to satisfy the SHLAA housing targets in Prestwood”.  Many villagers heaved a sigh of relief when the four SHLAA sites in Prestwood  were recently removed from the Delivery DPD  – could it be argued that some sort of development in Prestwood elsewhere is justifiable? Others are concerned that their children cannot afford to live in the village when they leave the family home – how “affordable” would the affordable housing element be?

Also see Press Release regarding the forthcoming Green Belt review which may have great relevance and implications?  As well as leaving a comment below, get more info in order to have your say by inputting directly to Chiltern District Council by Friday 15 August.  

Chiltern District Council’s planning list is pre-ambled by the usual paragraphs as follows  “All applications on this list, except Chiltern District Council’s own applications, may be determined by the Head of Sustainable Development acting under delegated authority, unless the application is referred to the Planning Committee by one of Chiltern District Council’s Members.

“Representations should be made either in writing to the Development Control Manager, Chiltern District Council, King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5AW or by e-mail to planning@chiltern.gov.uk. Please be sure to include your postal address.   Your comments should be received by 15 August 2014.

“You may also make representations directly to elected Members of the Planning Committee (or any elected Member of the Council). A list of the Members of the Planning Committee can be obtained on request from Planning Services or the Council’s website (www.chiltern.gov.uk/democracy).   Prestwood Chiltern District Councillor members are Mark Cunnane, Andrew Garnett and John Gladwin, with John Gladwin being on the CDC Planning Committee – see Community Directory for contact details.

“For Householder applications please note that if there is an appeal against the Council’s refusal of planning permission, any comments you make on the application will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate. There will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.

“Please note that any correspondence will be seen by Councillors, the applicant, members of the public and will be published on the Council’s website. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that signatures, telephone numbers and personal email addresses will not be published.”

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