We held our 4th Annual General Meeting at the village hall last night (25th April 2017). Many thanks to our supporters and subscribers for such a great turn out.

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You can view the slides that were presented by clicking on the links further down this page.

Do you want PVA to become a Pressure Group?

This part is really important. The main theme at the AGM was about how PVA evolves. With your support over the past 4 years we have gone from nothing, to 900+ subscribers, and have a very effective website run by volunteers. We could do more, much more, but here we need your advice, help and participation – today please.

To help make this very easy and quick for you we have an online form.

PVA Feedback online

Or  you can download and print, or edit the questionnaire which is available as a  Word Document or if you are unable to open a Word document we have also provided a  PDF document.  Send it back to us through our contact us page. It won’t take long.  We will use YOUR answers to help guide us on what to do next. Please ALL reply.  We need to know what you want – urgently – to give you what you want.

PVA Feedback form (Word)

PVA Feedback form (PDF)

When you have completed your feedback please go to here to send them back to us. Note you can now send us attachments through our contact us form.

Thank you

Prestwood Village Association Committee

AGM related documents

PVA AGM 2017 Slide pack

Draft PVA AGM Minutes 2017 (PDF)