A First for the Village

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for public access

DSC_0004An Automated External Defibrillator (AED), for public access, has been installed at Wren Davis, Collings Hanger Farm, Wycombe Road, Prestwood HP16 0HP.  This means that this life saving device will not only be available for staff at the farm, dairy and brewery but will be accessible to anyone 24/7.

The AED, in its locked day-glo yellow cabinet, is on the wall of the old house in the yard. To remove the AED, a phonecall to the Ambulance Service quoting the location and device number found on the front of the cabinet, will provide the three digit code for the key-pad lock. Once activated,the AED will give voice guidance to operators and will only deliver a shock to the patient if the appropriate heart rhythm is detected.

DSC_0002-001Public access defibrillators, combined with prompt and effective bystander CPR, can be of immense help in the first few crucial minutes before an ambulance crew arrives, to people who are having a cardiac arrest. The AED was purchased in memory of the late Rex Davis.

For anybody wanting to receive training, Christine Davy (Qualified Nurse with BSc and Teaching Diploma), is able to deliver a 3 hour course on the ‘Safe Use Of an AED’. For further details including course fee contact Christine at chrisdavy09@hotmail.com.



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