All you need to know about SHLAA’s

SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) is a definition that is used within the DDPD (Delivery Development Plan Document). This document which is updated annually includes potential areas for housing development.There are several SHLAA sites in Prestwood, the Glebe being one of them.

The DDPD is updated and owned by Chiltern District Council. Following some heated debate at the recent DDPD planning meeting held by GMPC in the village hall on the 4th March  I thought I would try to find out the absolute definition of one as I am hearing different things from different people.

If you follow the link below this will download a July 2007 PDF document issued by the Government which provides guidance to Councils on how to deal with SHLAAs. The document uses language that suggests that the DDPD annual assessment is more than just a paperwork exercise. It also makes it clear that the planning authority in the Council are the body that identify the SHLAA sites that are included in the planning document.

The document gives an objective view on how the process is tackled, which includes consultation with the public.

The original document reference was simply 399267.pdf. I have added the longer description. You can download a copy by clicking on the link below.

399267-SHLAA sites government document guidance to councils

If anyone is aware that there is a later reference document describing SHLAAs which are provided to Council Planning groups then let us know and we will get that version on the website. This version is from July 2007.



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