Are you prepared to lose another village pub?

Is the King soon to become Head-less?

Have a look at the details of the application CH/2015/0085/FA  and read the Communities Facilities statement in particular.   What do you think?  You’re welcome to leave a reply as below – let’s build-up a head of debate here – we’ve already lost the Travellers Rest – is there a future for the Kings Head still as a local restaurant?  Prestwood certainly doesn’t have many.

If you wish to comment on the application to Chiltern District Council you need to do so by Friday 27th February.   By email to, in writing to the Council offices, or through the online Planning system.  Comments should include your name and postal address.  Further info here.




10 thoughts on “Are you prepared to lose another village pub?”

  1. I am not particularly worried about another pub closing. In fact the Kings Head has not been operating as a pub for several years. What does concern me is that this application may lead to further applications to build on the land at the back of the building. As I recall, there is a large garden and car park and I would think that it could take two or three quite large houses, if they were able to get planning permission.

  2. I beg to differ Mary, I think the change of use of the Kings Head would be a great loss to the community. They offer a service (an Indian Restaurant) that we would have to travel three miles or more to get anywhere else. (New Akash in Great Missenden being the closest & if you are at the southern end of the village this is how far you would need to travel).

    The Kings Head serves really lovely food & the service is welcoming & friendly, it is accessible to families and is well used by many people within the community of Prestwood, Great Kingshill & beyond.

    In the Kings Head there is a bar with seats, tables & sofas at the back and tables outside where it is possible to go for a drink & not eat. There are many regulars who do pop in just for a drink, so it does still provide the service of a pub and is well used as such.

    It also provides local employment, not all the staff have come in from outside the area, (They have another restaurant in Thame) there are local people who work there too.

    We have lived here for 15 years and seen the Kings Head in many incarnations & this is by far the best. We don’t have many places to eat & drink in Prestwood, why would we not want to protect this community facility?

    Other pubs have different characteristics, some being more drinking pubs, or purely eating pubs or catering for older members of the community, we need to protect our diversity & choice.

    Fight to keep the Kings Head operating! That’s what I say!

  3. We would consider the closing of the Kings Head to be a real loss to the community. Not only is it the nearest pub/restaurant to our house in Perks Lane, it serves the best Indian food in the area. The staff are very friendly and efficient, and their take-aways are always ready on time. At week-ends it always seems to be busy, and there could well be more trade in the week as daylight improves. It has been steadily gaining in popularity in the relatively short time it has operated here as an Indian restaurant and I would hate to see another pub follow the closures of the Travellers Rest and the George.
    Tony and Kirsten Overton

  4. I am not a great fan of Indian food and have therefore not frequented the Kings Head in its present guise. It would seem a shame to lose a facility that is, apparently, serving a local need and if it is to be replaced by housing then I would prefer it to be of the more ‘affordable’ type for younger families. We are very well served with pubs/restaurants in the locality but what Prestwood really needs is a centrally located tea/coffee shop. The coffee shop at Hildreths and the Strawberry Café at Peterley are excellent and always busy but they do not serve the non-driving central village population or those who would like to be able to just pop in for a coffee and meet up with local people in the centre of the village. I feel strongly that such an amenity is sorely lacking and if there were to be one, it would help engender more of a ‘village community spirit’ and provide a day-time hub for all sections of the community.

  5. This application has now been called in so that that Planning Cttee at Chiltern District Council can determine whether the proposed conversion proceeds or not. It is my intention to speak against the application when it is heard.

    I would urge everyone who uses the Kings Head or wishes to preserve it to write to quoting reference CH/2015/0085/FA setting out their concerns which I guess will largely centre on the loss of a community facility.

    I agree that restaurants and pubs are important parts of our village fabric and that we need to retain them. If we want to retain them does come with an obligation on each of us to make them viable. One pint every other month or a curry a year doesn’t keep any business going for too long. I’m keen the Kings Head doesn’t become a boarded up eyesore but remains a valued and widely used community facility.

    If anyone wants to discuss this application please contact me on

    Cllr Andrew Garnett
    Prestwood and Heath End

  6. I pass the Kings Head regularly and never see anyone in there. I went in one Saturday lunchtime for a meal and there was no-one else there and no-one else came. The food is OK, standard Indian, one would not go out of one’s way for it. It is clear this is not a functioning business and it hasn’t been for a decade. Given the pressure to build more houses and the paucity of other brownfield options, this seems like an ideal place to convert to residential housing of the affordable type. The building has no historic or architectural character worth preserving.

  7. Please do forward your comments, as above, that you’ve either left here on the PVA website or within the PVA Facebook Group to Chiltern District Council Planning Dept by their Friday 27th February deadline. Click on CH/2015/0085/FA link within the article above and it will take you directly to the application on the CDC website. At the moment there is one contributor’s letter there – whereas there are 6 comments above and over 18 messages on PVA Facebook.

  8. Having lived close to the Kings Head for 9 years, we have seen the different incarnations of the pub during that time.
    When we first moved to the area, we would regularly drop in for a drink and met many new people through the pub, it was busy and friendly. Unfortunately with every subsequent change of landlord/landlady this friendliness gradually declined, both the atmosphere of the pub and the clientele changed and the locals found alternative places to meet and drink.
    The children’s playground is not child friendly, the car park not inviting, it is not a place to go for a social drink. There are other options, the refurbished Pole Cat in the village, The Cross Keys in Great Missenden, The Full Moon in Little Kingshill which are all within walking distance plus many others.
    If the Kings Head had been busier and more inviting it would not have been lost to an Indian restaurant.
    We thought the Indian restaurant would give the Kings Head a new lease of life but this is clearly not the case. The restaurant is frequently empty, the food adequate but not exceptional and on our last visit there were no beers on taps just bottles.
    The planning application is for one house not many, when this has been built there will not be a large area left for development as there would be no access to the remaining land.
    If planning is rejected the question is would the Kings Head continue as an Indian restaurant or would it eventually be boarded up, become derelict, be demolished like the Prince of Wales and multiple homes put on the plot.

  9. Beware the Kings Head Indian restaurant is currently being marketed door to door around the village by VIP Dining (selling discount cards) but when we came to use the bonus offer the restaurant was reluctant to honour it.

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