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Local Plan Presentations

Green Belt Preferred Options Public Consultation is now active.

Your opinion counts!

An exhibition covering 15 Green Belt Preferred Options will be presented at Great Missenden Memorial Hall on Friday 11 November between 6pm and 9pm

If you cannot make that and wish to know more there are some other dates and venues on the attached poster below. Click on it to open it full screen.

Click on the image to see the poster full size

Prestwood Village Association are looking at the details in this consultation and may come out with some further information localised to Prestwood later this month.

Local Plan Evidence base and other documents can be located here on the CDC website.



Loss of Service

We apologise for the temporary loss of service on the evening of the 31st of October. The website had exceeded it’s bandwidth limit which shows how popular it is. We are now serving over 35GB of data each month. Over the past 31 days we have had over 2,300 visitors  viewing nearly 5000 pages.



Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan

PVA: The following has been received which indicates that the next stage of the Local Plan development is about to start.


Dear Consultee,

From 31st October until 5pm on 12th December 2016* Chiltern and South Bucks Councils are consulting on 15 Green Belt Options they consider should be brought forward in the emerging Local Plan in order to help meet the development needs for the Districts. The Councils are consulting in order to:

  • seek views to help determine their suitability for development;
  • help understand views on what type of development should be sought if suitable and what type of requirements should be secured as part of development;
  • enable comments on the evidence base that has informed the Consultation; and
  • provide the opportunity for alternative options to be put forward.

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Household Waste Permits

(PVA: The following has been forwarded to us from Bucks County Council via GMPC):

Information on changes to Bucks County Council’s household waste permits

Dear local council clerk,

I would like to inform you about changes to the way household waste permits are provided by Buckinghamshire County Council to residents that need them.

As you will be aware, the County Council has for many years operated a permit system at the county’s Household Recycling Centres. However, permits – which are free to Bucks residents – have always only been needed by a small proportion of people using the centres – namely, those in the following groups:

  • anyone visiting the centre in a van or other commercial vehicle
  • anyone towing a twin-axle or larger single-axle trailer
  • anyone wishing to dispose of asbestos
  • anyone arriving at the centre on foot

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2016-11 Local Plan – Nairdwood Lane (3)

The following references are used by CDC in the local plan documentation

Green Belt Assessment (GBA) n/a
Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)  CD0281

(please note that this is shown in two places on the map but carries the same reference number. There is only one document here that covers 0281 from our table but there are two ways of getting to it.)

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