Advice from Affinity Water on avoiding frozen pipes

Prepare for winter to avoid pipe bursts and flooding

With winter’s icy grip just around the corner, we are urging people to be prepared before the mercury plummets to sub-zero temperatures, which can lead to bursts and flooding inside homes. 

In early 2018, much of the UK was in the grasp of the ‘Beast from the East’, which led to a massive increase in burst pipes inside and outside the home dues to icy temperatures and sudden thaws.

However these problems can be prevented with a few simple steps:

  • Insulate outside taps and exposed water pipes in lofts and outside
  • Insulate cold water tanks
  • Check that internal and external stop taps are working so that supplies can be turned off in an emergency
  • If it is very cold outside leave the central heating on a low setting overnight

For more information and videos about coping with the cold weather visit:

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