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Save money on your energy bills

There have been a number of news reports over the past few days about the high number of people that have never switched energy suppliers. I count myself in this category, having not done it for around 8 years or more.

In December I posted an article about Collective Switching which was being promoted by Bucks County Council and said at the time I would sign up for it and see what happens.

Well the news is in and I can save £358 over the year by switching providers. The original article is here: Save on your gas and electricity

It works on the basis of a (nationwide) community of people expressing an interest in getting a better deal on their energy prices. A company runs an auction on behalf of those people. One might assume the larger that community is, the greater the opportunity for savings. You are not under any obligation to sign up to be switched, however it is a good sanity check, which was the reason I did it.

Here is the offer made to me this morning:

Big Community Switch Offer

I have gone ahead and initiated the switch. It took 5 minutes. Counting the time it took to sign up, dig out my current provider details and fill in the original application to join this community, it took no more that 20 minutes.

I could probably save more by reviewing the amount of insulation I have in my roof as well, but that is another story!

Joining the Scheme

It looks like registrations through Bucks County Council have now closed (check here: ).

The company that is behind this is iChooser. You can go direct to their website and join by following this link:  You will also find details about the scheme there as well.

UK Government Article

I also found an article about Collective Switching on the Gov.Uk site. You can locate it here:



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