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Prestwood Village Association have received the following message from Chiltern District Council, the consultation is Chiltern District wide, we have just looked at how the Parish may be affected:

Consultation Notice from CDC (click to open)

Dear Consultee,

Chiltern and South Bucks Brownfield Register Consultation

I am writing with regard to the Chiltern and South Bucks Brownfield Registers.

A Brownfield Register lists all brownfield sites which are deemed potentially ‘suitable’, ‘available’, and ‘achievable’ to deliver residential led development of 5 or more dwellings. The Councils must produce a Register for each Council area by 31st December 2017, and would like to seek views on the draft list prior to producing the final Registers. More information is contained in the Explanatory Note below.


The Councils have each produced a draft ‘Part 1’ Register (sites which are suitable, available, and achievable for residential development on brownfield land) and these can be viewed on the Councils’ websites: (for sites in Chiltern) and (for sites in South Bucks).

Consultation runs from 12pm on 29th September to 4.30pm on 10th November 2017, if you have any comments to make please make these in writing to the contact details available below.

Following the close of consultation the Councils will consider all the comments made and will consider these when producing the Registers.

Contact Details:


Prestwood Village Association cannot show you the maps in the consultation because they are protected by Crown Copyright. We have put together this map to show you the three areas in the Parish of Great Missenden. They are all in Great Missenden.

The map below is interactive, you can also open the map full screen by clicking on the four corners icon in the top right of the frame below. Pins are shown in the map identifying the three areas in Great Missenden. If you zoom in you will see the areas that are under consideration. If you wish to participate in the consultation please do so using the links provided by Chiltern District Council

Click on the title below to find out what a Brownfield Register is.

What is a Brownfield Register? (click to open)

A Brownfield Register is a list of sites on ‘brownfield’ land (land meeting the definition of ‘previously developed land’ in Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework) which the Councils deem ‘suitable’, ‘available’, and ‘achievable’ (as defined in the Regulations) to deliver residential led development of 5 or more dwellings.

The Councils will produce a register covering each Council area and each Register will be published on the Councils’ respective websites: and

Registers consist of 2 parts:

  • Part 1 details the sites which meet the above criteria (suitable, available, and achievable sites). Inclusion will not affect a site’s status and planning permission will still need to be granted if development is to take place (if the site does not already have permission); and
  • Part 2 includes sites which are given ‘permission in principle’. Inclusion on part 2 grants planning permission in principle for residential development (the scale determined by the Councils) and the land owner/developer will have to apply for ‘technical details consent’ before any development can commence.

The Councils will be publishing a Part 1 Register by 31st December 2017 with the intention to produce a Part 2 register when it is updated in 2018. Please note that if a site is not included in the Register there is no right of appeal as the land owner/developer can still apply for planning permission through the normal development management process.

The register will be published in the form of an Excel spreadsheet which contains details about the sites meeting the above criteria such as: location; minimum and maximum number of dwellings to be achieved; whether the site has planning permission etc. The Councils will also publish maps of each site on the Registers.

The Councils are required to update their Registers at least once a year.

Why Produce a Brownfield Register?

The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 (the Regulations) place a responsibility on the Council to prepare and maintain a register of brownfield sites which are: suitable, available and achievable for residential development. The Regulations state that Registers must be published by 31st December 2017.

The National Planning Policy Framework states that Local Authorities should maintain a rolling 5 year housing land supply. Having an up to date register assists the Councils in demonstrating a 5 year housing supply especially when preparing and updating the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).

How has the Council produced the Draft Brownfield Register?

Chiltern and South Bucks Councils are producing a joint Local Plan to cover the period of 2014 to 2036. As part of the emerging Local Plan process the Councils produced a draft Housing and Economic Land

Availability Assessment (the HELAA). The HELAA is a technical study which determines sites likely to come forward for development (residential and commercial) in the built-up areas and on previously developed Green Belt sites. This has been used to shortlist sites which could be included on the Brownfield Register.

The HELAA identified sites from a Call for Sites exercise, two Consultations on the emerging Local Plan, and information collected by the Councils relating to extant planning permissions and planning applications. The latest HELAA was published in May 2017 and assessed sites on their ‘suitability’, ‘availability’, and ‘achievability’ for residential development as well as employment development.

More information on the HELAA is available from the Councils’ websites (under the ‘HELAA’ Section):

The HELAA will be updated as part of the ongoing Local Plan and Brownfield Land Register processes.

What can I comment on?

The Councils are consulting on a draft Part 1 Register which has been identified through the draft HELAA. Although the Councils’ selection of Part 1 sites has been set out through a technical exercise, meeting criteria specified in the Regulations, you may wish to comment on the suitability, availability and achievability of sites contained in the draft Part 1 Register, or promote additional sites which could be included. The Councils must consider all representations received when determining whether sites can be included on the Register.

If you are promoting additional sites, please provide a map clearly identifying the site and evidence to support your claim that the site is:

  • suitable in planning terms,
  • available: likely to come forward for development (such as land owner support for any potential development); and
  • achievable within 15 years.

The HELAA and Brownfield Register are in draft so are subject to change should more evidence come forward.

More Information

More information and guidance is available on the Government’s National Planning Practice Guidance website:



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