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Inspiring volunteers

Chair needed for Prestwood Nature; Treasurer required for PYCAG – Prestwood Youth & Community Action Group – the youth club; help out in Sweet Charity; more deliverers needed for The Source; Age Concern Lunch club help needed………

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to attract volunteers?
Gone are the days of sticking a card in the newsagent’s window and being inundated with willing workers. Volunteer recruitment has become a full-time slog, presenting almost as much pain as the dreaded funding search.

So, what’s going on?
Do people have less free time now? Is there too much competition for volunteers (there are 2500 registered charities in Bucks alone)?  Or is the world just getting more selfish?

In reality, the answer is probably ‘yes’ to all of these questions.  According to researchers, we are now in the age of self-interest, where altruism takes a backseat and experience-seeking is king.

We might be a Not-for-Profit and we might be changing the world, but that will only take us so far. No matter how worthy our cause, at some point we need to accept that not everybody cares as much as we do and what people actually want to know is what volunteering will do for them.  People really don’t want to be seen as do-gooders, anymore.  In fact, this is now the number 1 turn-off for those considering volunteering.

So, how DO you attract volunteers?
For the latest insights into inspiring the next generation of volunteers, go along to Community Impact Bucks Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers’ workshop on 24 September in High Wycombe.  As the Volunteer Centre for Bucks, this is the most comprehensive hands-on training you’ll find, and is designed specifically for those managing or co-ordinating volunteers. It’s also a great opportunity to network and share experiences with your peers.

Comparable pricing in the private sector would be in excess of £250 – but CIB can provide it for just £35 (full day including materials and refreshments)! If you’d like to inject some magic into your volunteer team, book your place here.

FREE one-to-one support!:
For additional help with one of their experts, book a 45 minute session to discuss your volunteering needs in more depth – a few spaces are still available on 14 September Volunteering Advice Surgery in High Wycombe – book today!   Sessions run on a monthly basis so check the Events’ section on on a regular basis for further dates.

For any further information please call 0300 111 1250 or email:



Rotary Club for Prestwood

We are looking to start a new club in Prestwood!

RotaryThis is an opportunity to be a part of something exciting, that will grow with the years and allow us to ‘do good in the World’ as one famous Rotarian has said.

We are looking for men and women in the 30 – 50 year age group to form a club that will enhance, rather than compete with the work of the Great Missenden club, of which I am a member.

You may be aware of one of our global initiatives, that is the eradication of polio from the globe. After almost 30 years of work in this field, and with the help of individuals and of governments, and private funding from Bill Gates, for instance, who has helped our cause tremendously in recent years, we have come very close to finishing the job. Continue reading Rotary Club for Prestwood



Group of the Month: Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity Logo

Nestled in the heart of the village is Prestwood’s very own charity shop, Sweet Charity. Step inside and you will be greeted by friendly smiles, local chatter and all manner of reasonably priced second hand items and things you never thought you needed!

P1050690-001Sweet Charity opened its doors in November 2010. It is registered as a business under the name S C Chiltern Ltd and trades as Sweet Charity. The team is comprised of three directors, a board of ten trustees and approximately 25 volunteers who help to run the shop. Each member of the team gives their time freely and all profits are donated to local groups, societies and other charities in and around Prestwood and Great Missenden. In addition to the regular volunteers, Sweet Charity also relies heavily on the generosity of the local community in the form of shop donations and purchases.


The large window is a focal point of the shop and is regularly updated according to the season/current events.  Themes have included VE Day, gardening, weddings, new baby, Halloween, Christmas, etc. The Christmas window even included a mantelpiece and fireplace.  There seems to be no limit to the creative talents of the volunteers! Continue reading Group of the Month: Sweet Charity



Abbey Gym Club plans

A message from the Trustees of Abbey Gym Club (Reg. Charity No.1156313)

“We are pleased to announce that we will very soon submit our plans to build a new gymnastics centre at the Sprinters site on Honor End Lane to Chiltern District Council for their review and (we hope!) approval.

“Abbey Gym Club is a community sports club that has operated in the Prestwood / Great Missenden area for around 30 years and became a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2014.

“Throughout our Club’s history, we have operated out of village halls and school halls.  Our current home is Prestwood Junior School, Clare Road, where we have been (and continue to be) very welcome for over 20 years.  However, operating out of the school hall gives us three major problems:   Continue reading Abbey Gym Club plans



Prestwood Area Community First Responders


to all who contributed to Prestwood Area Community First Responders new vehicle

Sainsburys, Great Missenden Parish Council, The Source, Afternoon Women’s Institute Prestwood, Lacey Green Parish Council, Great & Little Hampden Parish Council, Speen Shop Charities Fund, Prestwood Open Doors, Kings Church Prestwood, The Gathering Singers, Bucks County Council, Prestwood Methodist Church Ladies Monday Group, Sweet Charity, Prestwood Area Community Transport.

Also a host of other individuals and families from Prestwood and surrounding villages who have contributed in their own way.


See CFR Car Supporters PVA poster

So after less than a year’s fundraising our new Fiat Panda Cross 4X4 is here! Continue reading Prestwood Area Community First Responders



PVA’s AGM & Annual Bash

Save the date in your diary now … full programme & AGM papers to follow:

Tuesday 21st April, Prestwood Village Hall.  Doors open at 7.00pm

Malt logoPlease come and support our Second Anniversary Celebration and AGM in Prestwood Village Hall on Tuesday 21st April. We aim to get through the AGM formalities as quickly as possible so that we can celebrate PVA’s second year together for the rest of the evening.   

Malt The Brewery and Wild Strawberry Cafe from Peterley Manor Farm are kindly opening up in the hall by special request.

Wild Strawberry Cafe logoLatest news and displays from local groups including Prestwood Nature, Prestwood Archive, and many others (tbc).  Also refreshments and a grand raffle.

Continue reading PVA’s AGM & Annual Bash



Two public access AEDs in Prestwood

Thanks to Wendy Davis and the Village Hall Committee (with funding from Sweet Charity), there are now two defibrillators available 24/7 in the village. One on the wall of the old house in Wren Davis yard, Wycombe Road, the other sited at the village hall.

UntitledThese machines can re-start a heart that has stopped beating and, along with prompt CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), can be instrumental in saving a life. Once switched on, a voice prompt will take you through the operation of the machine in easy steps. It is programmed to recognise different heart rhythms and will only give a shock if appropriate, so it is impossible to harm the patient.

To access the AED simply ring the ambulance service on 999 quoting the location code on the front of the cabinet. They will give you the code for the press-button lock and will stay on the line to help you with added instructions if required.

Anyone can use one of these AEDs, but if you would like to be trained in their use then Chris Davy, local first-aid trainer can help. Her email is tel. 01494 865682.



Youth facilities broken into

A Thames Valley Police alert has been received as follows:

Message sent by

Jen Shraga (Police, Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), Chiltern and South Bucks LPA)

In the early hours on the 5th January 2015 the Scout Hut and the Community Youth Hut off Nairdwood Lane, Prestwood, were broken into.  This occurred at approximately 2am.  In addition a shed was broken into on Blacksmiths Lane. A vehicle was heard speeding down the lane at approximately 2am. If you have any information relating to these incidents please contact PCSO C8632 Shraga on 101.

Thank you.



PVA’s First year bash


Over 130 people crammed into Prestwood Village Hall to celebrate our first anniversary and AGM last Tuesday.  Villagers, local councillors, businesses and groups all joined in and we hope that all of you enjoyed the evening?

With the AGM over, John Cadman, the Chair, asked everyone to spread the word with the aim of doubling the membership over the next year –  from the current 630 emailed-newsletter subscribers, to 1500 would be great. He also thanked everyone who’d served on the Committee over the past year and welcomed our new committee member, Maggie Coles.  She lived in Prestwood as a child and has now returned to live here once again.

Following praise from all on the creation of this website, Mark Wingrove highlighted how you can now have a say by leaving a comment and expressing your opinion on any of the news items which are posted here almost daily, keeping the website fresh and (hopefully?) interesting, in order to build-up a village dialogue on topics of interest and concern. Continue reading PVA’s First year bash