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You’re invited to a meeting ….

Have you booked your place yet to ensure you’ve got a seat?
A “new heart” in Prestwood – your feedback appreciated

Message from John Skrimshire, Chair of Great Missenden Parish Revitalisation Group

We hope you can join us on Tuesday 22 March, when highway designer Ben Hamilton-Baillie of Hamilton-Baillie Associates will be presenting his thoughts on how to put a “new heart in Prestwood” by creating an improved village centre as a focal point for the community and promoting road safety.

Bucks County Council and Chiltern District Council have granted funding to Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) for this project.   PRG have in turn briefed highway experts to consider the problems associated with the village centre, such as the lack of a defined centre to the village, parking issues and traffic management.  The link to the brief explaining the background to this project is here.

Feedback to the concept is needed from local residents and stakeholders, so we do hope you can come along.   Please book your place in advance by emailing  as space in the hall is limited.

7pm on Tuesday 22 March  at  Prestwood Village Hall,  1 Wycombe Road, Prestwood, Bucks HP16 0NZ

With best wishes,  John Skrimshire,  Chair of Great Missenden Parish Revitalisation Group  



100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?

houses from the sky

Prestwood has been identified as a potential candidate for urban extension to meet part of the housing needs in the CDC area over the next 16 years. One large site has been identified by Lepus Consulting which is an enlarged plot in the same location of the 76 New Homes site adjacent to Lodge Lane.  Refer to this document: “Sustainability Appraisal of the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan Initial Consultation (Regulation 18) Incorporating Issues and Options” (follow the link to download it) and look on page 91.

This area is approximately 9.75 Hectares in size. More than 4 times the size of 76 New Homes area.

Follow this link to open this in a larger screen.

The Local Plan is currently seeking feedback in terms of a formal public consultation which is underway, and closes on the 14th of March at 5pm.

What would you like us to do?

  • Can PVA encourage people to respond to this consultation?
  • Is it worth a small group of people digging through this mountain of paperwork to locate what is important to Prestwood?

Let us know please by posting a comment at the bottom of this article.

If we get a sufficiently large response we will put something together and send out an alert through the website in the next 10 – 14 days. Continue reading 100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?



CDC’s Emerging Local Plan


On 20 January, Graham Winwright, CDC’s Planning Policy Manager, unveiled the next stage of the Emerging Local Plan for Chilterns & South Bucks 2014-2036 and PVA went along to find out more.    His presentation can be seen here.

To catch up from the beginning see previous articles, 13 January, 12 February 2015,  Emerging Chiltern & South Bucks Local Plan and 14 January 2016.

This current public consultation, on Issues and Options, is aimed at raising awareness and encouraging participation amongst local groups and organisations as well as the public.  It will be carried out in accordance with both councils’  Statement of Community Involvement and runs from 19th January  to 5pm on 14th March 2016.

As Chiltern District Council has now joined forces with South Bucks District Council in this exercise, the whole process has once again been re-started and, therefore, all submissions by everyone in previous public consultations need to be repeated and re-emphasised.
Continue reading CDC’s Emerging Local Plan



HS2 concedes more mitigation measures to Bucks

Hard-won concessions came on Wednesday (20 January) in an eleventh hour offer from HS2 Ltd, when Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) was back in front of the Commons HS2 Select Committee.

The County Council, working with district and parish councils, made submissions to the Select Committee in October, which won mitigation measures for damage and disruption the high-speed rail line is expected to cause.    These included flood alleviation and monitoring measures, rights-of-way changes, school and public transport concessions, a pledge to recycle 95% of construction, demolition and excavation waste, and the removal of two controversial spoil dump sites from the plan.

Two major issues dominated the eleventh-hour negotiations and were particularly tough to reach agreement on, one being:

Local communities in Great Missenden and Prestwood expressed their concerns to the council about the proposal to provide a haul road for construction traffic from the Link Road roundabout on the A413.   The council asked that an alternative haul road be provided further north.   HS2 Ltd has agreed to this, subject to the council securing the necessary consents and that any alternative proposal doesn’t increase the cost.

See here  for last news item reported by PVA on this.

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the hard work to achieve this.

There are three information releases related to this that you can download and open below:

The documents have come from Bucks County Council.



Vehicle Speed in Prestwood

Prestwood Village Association has been provided with some data collected on behalf of Transport for Bucks. This uses the strips across the road rather than a laser or radar based speed detection device. It monitors throughout the day and collects statistics.

These statistics are now more than 3 years old. We have asked Great Missenden Parish Council to provide PVA with updated information based on the MVAS devices we use around the village.

This first set of data was recorded over the period 12/09/12 to 19/09/12 60m south west of Barley View on the A4128 (Prestwood High Street). These graphs record eastbound traffic. (Traffic heading into Great Missenden) Continue reading Vehicle Speed in Prestwood



BREAKING NEWS: 76 new homes

NB: deadline for comments to CDC Planning has been extended to Friday 8 December

Planning Application has re-appeared

Households nearest the potential site have started receiving their Neighbourhood Notification letter from CDC today regarding a further application for 76 new homes off Lodge Lane with access via Widmere and Dell Fields.

You can access the papers on the Chiltern District Council Planning portal under application CH/2015/1901/OA.   Our local CDC Councillor, John Gladwin, has already called it in to be discussed and determined by CDC Planning Committee.

What can I do?  – Don’t leave it to someone else

Chiltern District Council  Representations should be made either in writing to the Development Control Manager, Chiltern District Council, King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5AW or by e-mail to, or on-line.  Please be sure to include your postal address and the reference: Application No. CH/2015/1901/OA .   Your comments need to be received by Tuesday 1 December 2015.
Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: 76 new homes



Another opportunity to input to HS2 consultation by 27 November

Deadline to petition re HS2 changes via Parliament gone…BUT you still have an opportunity to respond to this consultation, by 27 November


Since HS2 was first hatched and became a Hot Topic, PVA has published 26 articles to keep you updated including on 24 April 2014 which was your first opportunity to petition on the subject.

The deadline for individual petitioning against Additional Provisions (AP4 locally) on the Hybrid Bill in the House of Commons regarding HS2 has now closed ie. Friday 13th November. You’ll recall we sent out an ALERT following our latest news item being posted, on 8th November.

Despite the short time window to petition individually, ie. from latest info update supplied by HS2Ltd on 30 October with individual petitioning closing on 13 November, you can still make your voice heard by Friday 27 November. Here’s the response form to complete: SES3 Consultation Response Form

How Prestwood may be affected

Now that it has been agreed to extend the tunnel to the west side of South Heath by an extra 2.6km (AP4), a Chiltern Tunnel North Portal Access Road will be constructed off the Gt Missenden Link Road Roundabout on the A413. Continue reading Another opportunity to input to HS2 consultation by 27 November



13 November Deadline to petition re HS2 changes

We thank Mike Johnstone and John Gladwin for bringing this to our attention.

We wish to bring to your attention two opportunities to respond to HS2 public consultations. The first which is a Petition responding to AP4 (see below)  closes this week, and there are two ways of making a submission; by the 10th November (Tuesday) of this week via Cheryl Gillan’s office, or direct to the Government by the 13th November. This article explains what it is about and proposes how it may affect Prestwood residents, and what you can do about it below.
At the bottom of this article is a Consultation on SES3 and AP4 which closes on the 27th of November. 

AP4 Petition

Since HS2 was first hatched and became a Hot Topic, PVA has published 26 articles to keep you updated including on 24 April 2014 which was your first opportunity to petition on the subject.

Now, the deadline for individual petitioning against Additional Provisions (AP4 locally)* on the Hybrid Bill in the House of Commons regarding HS2 is Friday 13th November.  If you wish to, an easier route is to get your completed petition to Cheryl Gillan MP’s office in Amersham by mid-day this Tuesday 10 November. Continue reading 13 November Deadline to petition re HS2 changes



Sport England supports Abbey Gym Club

As a follow-on to our Stop Press: Breaking News – Message from Sue Egan, Chair of Abbey Gym Club:

“I heard today (29 October) that Sport England has raised no objections to Abbey Gym Club’s proposed gymnastics centre at the Sprinters site in Prestwood.  This means that Chiltern District Council (CDC) will now be able to issue planning permission for us to build our centre.  I am delighted and very excited by this news, as are our other trustees and our coaches.

“You may already know that Abbey Gym Club has been operating within Prestwood and Great Missenden since it was formed as part of the Buryfield Sports & Social Club in March 1984, originally named “Buryfield Gym Club”.  It became a separate entity at the end of December 1985, and was renamed “Abbey Gym Club”.  Throughout its history, our Club has provided gymnastics training for local children in a friendly, child-focused setting, from a variety of school halls before moving to Prestwood Junior School in autumn 1989, where it has remained ever since.

“Looking back over the minutes of committee meetings since our Club was formed, there have been several common themes, including: Continue reading Sport England supports Abbey Gym Club



Pump hunt for sewage station owners

Thames Water to take on responsibility of 4,000 sewage pumping stations from property owners and managers

Thames Water is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations.  The utility, which serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, will take responsibility for around 4,000 pumping in October 2016, but needs to track down 1,800 currently off its radar.

New legislation means sewage pumping stations which power wastewater away from properties and out into the public sewer pipe network, currently owned and maintained by customers, will become legally owned and operated by the local water company. The pumping stations are found in all shapes and sizes, and can be in places where there are a number of properties needing to connect to the public sewer network. Customers will know they have one as they’ll be paying to maintain and power them.  Continue reading Pump hunt for sewage station owners



A chance to meet your Parish Councillors

The PVA’s delighted to note that our recently appointed parish councillors have instigated a “drop in” session, starting on Saturday 31st October, between 11.00am and noon, to enable you to discuss any concerns you may have as a Prestwood or Heath End resident for which the GMPC has responsibility.  The ‘surgeries’ will continue on the last Saturday of each month until February 2016, at the Great Missenden Library.

This provides a great opportunity to meet and make yourself known to your Parish Councillors who are all keen to meet the parishioners that they represent.  Prestwood & Heath End Parish Councillors are all listed in the PVA Community Directory. 

The PVA hopes that this initiative will be a great success and that it becomes a regular monthly event continuing on next year with some of the  ‘surgeries’ being held in Prestwood?

The Parish Council website.



The future of our local library

Co-production – Divest – Share – or buy?

Today, faced with the latest stringent and higher than anticipated cuts in funding, Bucks CC needs to reduce its spending further. One of the knock-on effects of this has been to force County Hall to look at alternative ways of providing the whole library service.  Mike Bennett, Chairman of the Great Missenden Library Liaison Group, would like to hear your views on how our local library should move forward – please leave your comments below this news item, composed by Mike, so that he can see your views, providing scope for open debate and, hopefully, proposals for future decision-making.   Deadline for comment on this website is 25th September so that Mike can feedback to Bucks CC by their end September-deadline.   Continue reading The future of our local library



Abbey Gym Club seeks your support

Abbey Gym Club’s planning application CH/2015/0966/FA is now available on the Chiltern District Council’s planning portal, CDC website, by entering the application CH/2015/0966/FA in the search box, and they are seeking your support.  The deadline for comment is Thursday 2nd July 2015.  Contributors letters may be sent by

For further information see PVA’s previous article.



HS2 Select Committee of MPs visit to our area


To update you following PVA’s last news item on HS2.  The HS2 Select Committee of MPs’ visit to Cheryl Gillan’s patch – our local MP’s constituency including Great Missenden – is coming next Monday 22nd June.  The Select Committee and entourage will be mini-bused around according to the schedule 22 06 15_Cttee_visit_Amersham .  All Prestwood villagers are welcome and encouraged along the route but it’s thought that easiest parking will be at Annie Baileys on Frith Hill or Weights & Measures Gym, South Heath.  Another suggestion is to gather along the Link Road in Great Missenden.  If you wish to don your walking boots then an alternative is to walk to Mantles Wood etc from Hyde Heath Village Gate alongside the Select Committee. As you’ll no doubt be aware, the thinking now is to press for a fully bored tunnel throughout our local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.



Prestwood Area Community First Responders


to all who contributed to Prestwood Area Community First Responders new vehicle

Sainsburys, Great Missenden Parish Council, The Source, Afternoon Women’s Institute Prestwood, Lacey Green Parish Council, Great & Little Hampden Parish Council, Speen Shop Charities Fund, Prestwood Open Doors, Kings Church Prestwood, The Gathering Singers, Bucks County Council, Prestwood Methodist Church Ladies Monday Group, Sweet Charity, Prestwood Area Community Transport.

Also a host of other individuals and families from Prestwood and surrounding villages who have contributed in their own way.


See CFR Car Supporters PVA poster

So after less than a year’s fundraising our new Fiat Panda Cross 4X4 is here! Continue reading Prestwood Area Community First Responders



Parish Council Vacancies

Would you like to get involved in local issues and help shape the future of your local area and community?

Following the closure of nominations for prospective Parish Councillors there are vacancies in all three wards of the Parish. These vacancies will be discussed at the first meeting of the new Parish Council on Monday May 11th.

All Parish Councillors are independent volunteers who live or work within the Parish. The Council is non-political so is not constrained by any governing policy. It is involved with planning issues, the upkeep of our open spaces and investment in our Parish. Each Councillor can contribute to local matters based on the feedback they receive from local residents and their own knowledge and experiences.

If you are over 18 years of age and live or work within the Parish and would like to be considered for co-option onto the Parish Council or would like more information then please contact:   Anne Mitchell – The Parish Clerk  Telephone: 01494 864792  Email:



HS2 – It’s time to think again

Message from HS2 Action Alliance:

“It’s important that the community pulls together and gives as much help as possible on the day of the site visit which is Wednesday 20th May – we have to give it our best shot and we need your help.”

Tunnel Through The Chilterns

“We are writing to let you know about the most important phase of the campaign for a tunnel through the Chilterns.

You are probably aware that current plans would see HS2 emerge from a tunnel in Mantles Wood near Little Missenden and cut through open country past Hyde Heath, Hyde End, South Heath and the Lee before going on a viaduct past Dunsmore and then skirting past Wendover.

The environmental impact of constructing this current route and HS2 operating the line would be dramatic and highly damaging to the local area. Plans include a large spoil dump in land between South Heath and the Lee, as well as up to 7 years with thousands of lorry movements and a number of semi-permanent work camps, not to mention road closures and diversions.  Once constructed HS2 trains would be a highly visible and noisy presence across the area.

But there is a better way – local groups have come up with tunnel proposals which would dramatically reduce the environmental impact of HS2 on the area.  Continue reading HS2 – It’s time to think again



Are YOU a future Parish Councillor?

CouncillorWould you like to get involved in local issues and help shape the future of your local area and community?

All Parish Councillors are non-political volunteers.

The Council is involved with planning issues, the upkeep of our open spaces and investment in our Parish. Councillors can contribute to local matters based on feedback from local residents and their own knowledge and experiences.

If you are over 18 years of age and live or work within the Parish and would like to stand for election or would like more information then please contact:

Anne Mitchell- The Parish Clerk, Telephone: 01494 864792 Email:

Don`t delay – nomination papers available now and must be lodged by 9th April 2015