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Another opportunity to input to HS2 consultation by 27 November

Deadline to petition re HS2 changes via Parliament gone…BUT you still have an opportunity to respond to this consultation, by 27 November


Since HS2 was first hatched and became a Hot Topic, PVA has published 26 articles to keep you updated including on 24 April 2014 which was your first opportunity to petition on the subject.

The deadline for individual petitioning against Additional Provisions (AP4 locally) on the Hybrid Bill in the House of Commons regarding HS2 has now closed ie. Friday 13th November. You’ll recall we sent out an ALERT following our latest news item being posted, on 8th November.

Despite the short time window to petition individually, ie. from latest info update supplied by HS2Ltd on 30 October with individual petitioning closing on 13 November, you can still make your voice heard by Friday 27 November. Here’s the response form to complete: SES3 Consultation Response Form

How Prestwood may be affected

Now that it has been agreed to extend the tunnel to the west side of South Heath by an extra 2.6km (AP4), a Chiltern Tunnel North Portal Access Road will be constructed off the Gt Missenden Link Road Roundabout on the A413. Continue reading Another opportunity to input to HS2 consultation by 27 November



13 November Deadline to petition re HS2 changes

We thank Mike Johnstone and John Gladwin for bringing this to our attention.

We wish to bring to your attention two opportunities to respond to HS2 public consultations. The first which is a Petition responding to AP4 (see below)  closes this week, and there are two ways of making a submission; by the 10th November (Tuesday) of this week via Cheryl Gillan’s office, or direct to the Government by the 13th November. This article explains what it is about and proposes how it may affect Prestwood residents, and what you can do about it below.
At the bottom of this article is a Consultation on SES3 and AP4 which closes on the 27th of November. 

AP4 Petition

Since HS2 was first hatched and became a Hot Topic, PVA has published 26 articles to keep you updated including on 24 April 2014 which was your first opportunity to petition on the subject.

Now, the deadline for individual petitioning against Additional Provisions (AP4 locally)* on the Hybrid Bill in the House of Commons regarding HS2 is Friday 13th November.  If you wish to, an easier route is to get your completed petition to Cheryl Gillan MP’s office in Amersham by mid-day this Tuesday 10 November. Continue reading 13 November Deadline to petition re HS2 changes



Litter pick weekend – 26 & 27 September

Wombling message from Jeanette:

“Do you hate the sight of litter in our village?  Every few months I have been organising litter pick weekends – you may have seen my posters around the village or read about the ‘Wombling Weekends’ on this website.  I’m hoping to encourage more volunteers, especially our younger generation, to join the next session.

“Tools, refuse sacks and hi-viz tops are provided and these can be collected from 18 Orchard Lane between 10am and 2pm on Sat/Sun 26 & 27 September.  All I’m asking is for you, your friends and family, to join in at any time during the weekend and collect a sack or two of litter – the choice of location is yours.  Full sacks are then deposited in the Scout Hut Car Park, off Nairdwood Lane, for collection by Chiltern District Council.

“My theory is that less rubbish seen on the ground will make those people who discard litter think twice about fouling our lovely village.  My contact details are 866460, email: or speak to me the next time you see me ‘wombling’ in our village.  Thank you – Jeanette”.



Group of the Month: Prestwood Nature

Prestwood Nature LogoPrestwood Nature was founded in 2003 by a group of people determined to try to protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment through the involvement of the local residents.

Sheepwash Pond on Honor End Lane in Prestwood was one of the first projects undertaken by the group and over the years it has been transformed from a boggy and overgrown area into an oasis of calm a few hundred yards from Prestwood High Street.

These pictures below show Sheepwash Pond before and after restoration:-

Sheepwash 2007-001Sheepwash 2015-001

2007                                                      2015

WildlifeGarden1On Kiln Common near the allotments, fruit trees have been planted and hopefully in the not too distant future, Kiln Common Orchard will produce old fruit varieties for all to enjoy. Close by, the Wildlife Friendly Garden is sown with pollinator-friendly flowers to show some of the plants which can be grown in your own gardens to attract bees and butterflies.

But it’s not all work parties and digging. Prestwood Nature arranges evening talks by local experts on subjects related to our area. Recently, subjects have included butterflies, chalk streams, bats, orchards and glow-worms, all of which can be found in Prestwood and Great Missenden. Continue reading Group of the Month: Prestwood Nature



HS2 Select Committee of MPs visit to our area


To update you following PVA’s last news item on HS2.  The HS2 Select Committee of MPs’ visit to Cheryl Gillan’s patch – our local MP’s constituency including Great Missenden – is coming next Monday 22nd June.  The Select Committee and entourage will be mini-bused around according to the schedule 22 06 15_Cttee_visit_Amersham .  All Prestwood villagers are welcome and encouraged along the route but it’s thought that easiest parking will be at Annie Baileys on Frith Hill or Weights & Measures Gym, South Heath.  Another suggestion is to gather along the Link Road in Great Missenden.  If you wish to don your walking boots then an alternative is to walk to Mantles Wood etc from Hyde Heath Village Gate alongside the Select Committee. As you’ll no doubt be aware, the thinking now is to press for a fully bored tunnel throughout our local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.



Last weekend’s Wombling efforts

A thank-you from Jeanette to those who braved the weather over the weekend:

“Twelve volunteers (including myself) managed to collect another substantial heap of litter and ‘fly-tipped’ junk from the village highways and byways over the weekend.  Thank you very much for giving up your precious time and braving the rain on Sunday.

“Prestwood is looking much better since the ‘Wombling Weekends’ began – I am convinced that the absence of litter on the streets deters people from adding to it, and I know that some residents, like me, have now got the Wombling bug and can’t walk past litter without picking it up. How wonderful it would be if everyone in the village adopted this attitude to litter!

“I look forward to the day that I go out for a regular Womble and find nothing to pick up.  Thank you again for your support.  Jeanette”

May Litter Pick 002




Press Release from Chiltern District Council – Bonfires can leave neighbours fuming – so think before you burn

CDC LogoThe gardening season is well underway and with it comes a lot of garden waste to dispose of.   The temptation to have a bonfire is powerful – but this is not the best way to get rid of  garden waste and can all too easily annoy neighbours, who often don’t appreciate the smell or smoke.
So, before lighting a bonfire, consider other ways of getting rid of those hedge clippings and other garden debris:

  • Can it be composted? See for more information
  • If you have a green bin, will it go in there? If not, you can take it to any local household waste recycling centre where it will be composted. In Chiltern, these are at
    • Amersham, London Road East, HP7 9DT
    • Chesham, Latimer Road, HP5 1TL

However, if a bonfire is the only option, we ask residents to follow these simple guidelines: Continue reading Bonfires



Please “Bag It and Bin It”

Message from Mandy:

Thought you would like to see this email that we have sent to

“The public footpath between Nairdwood Lane (almost opposite Church Path) and Atkins Wood suffers badly from dog poo that has not been picked up by dog owners. 14 instances were noted recently and decrepitating bags of poo have been left at the entrance to Atkins Wood (where there is a notice warning of the fine for such behaviour). It would be a good idea to have a notice about the penalty at the start of the path at Nairdwood Lane and a bin for dog poo bags which could be fixed to the pole of the footpath sign. Please could you arrange this?”

A lot of people, including children walking to school, use the path and it is not only unpleasant but is a serious danger to health. We have made a laminated sign and attached it to the gate at the beginning of the footpath in Nairdwood Lane. Let’s hope we get a result from the Council. – I’ll let you know.”

PVA regularly highlights that not picking up dog poo is punishable with a large fine, even if people think that they are in the country and it doesn’t matter.   See Dog Fouling and Bag It And Bin It!



HS2 – It’s time to think again

Message from HS2 Action Alliance:

“It’s important that the community pulls together and gives as much help as possible on the day of the site visit which is Wednesday 20th May – we have to give it our best shot and we need your help.”

Tunnel Through The Chilterns

“We are writing to let you know about the most important phase of the campaign for a tunnel through the Chilterns.

You are probably aware that current plans would see HS2 emerge from a tunnel in Mantles Wood near Little Missenden and cut through open country past Hyde Heath, Hyde End, South Heath and the Lee before going on a viaduct past Dunsmore and then skirting past Wendover.

The environmental impact of constructing this current route and HS2 operating the line would be dramatic and highly damaging to the local area. Plans include a large spoil dump in land between South Heath and the Lee, as well as up to 7 years with thousands of lorry movements and a number of semi-permanent work camps, not to mention road closures and diversions.  Once constructed HS2 trains would be a highly visible and noisy presence across the area.

But there is a better way – local groups have come up with tunnel proposals which would dramatically reduce the environmental impact of HS2 on the area.  Continue reading HS2 – It’s time to think again



76 new homes: UPDATE

16 October 2014

On Tuesday 14 October, a steel gate and fence was erected by the landowner at the entrance to the footpath in Widmere Field.  76newhomes are awaiting confirmation from the Council as to whether planning permission is required.

On the same day, a notice also appeared with regard to seeking an order to delete the footpath from Buckinghamshire County Council maps.  The notice is dated 14/8/2014 and was issued by William Steele of Widmere Field, Prestwood.  The notice has since been removed.


 14 October 2014

The Decision Notice to refuse the planning application for 76 New Homes is now available to view on Chiltern District Council’s website:-

Decision Notice CH/2014/1242/OA

It is anticipated that the Great Missenden Trust will appeal.  If this is the case, they will need to appeal within 6 months of the Notice (13 April 2015).


9 October 2014

At Chiltern District Council’s Planning Committee of 9 October 2014, the Committee agreed to refuse the planning application and confirm the Tree Preservation Order.

It is anticipated that the applicant will appeal the application decision.


1 October 2014

The outline planning application and tree preservation order are first items on the agenda for CDC’s next Planning Committee at 18:30 on 9 October.  The agenda and committee pack (long but worth a read) is now available online:-

The 76 new homes action group is not aware that anyone has volunteered to speak in objection to the application.  Please let them know if you would like to speak by emailing deadline for registration to speak is 17:30 on 6 October.


28 September 2014

The outline planning application CH/2014/1242/OA will be on the agenda for the CDC Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 9 October which starts at 6.30pm.  We understand that the provisional Tree Preservation Order No.8 of 2014 will also be discussed, but as a separate item.  You still have until 30 September to comment on the Tree Preservation Order. Continue reading 76 new homes: UPDATE



What is a valid objection to a planning application?

With reference to CH/2014/1242/OA

Following last night’s GMPC Planning meeting at the Parish Office, Mark Cunnane’s kindly supplied us with a copy of some useful notes on this subject:.  He ran out of copies to hand out last night and so asked PVA to put them on-line:

Chiltern District Council can only take into account ‘material planning considerations’ when looking at your comments.  The most common of these (although not an exhaustive list) are shown below: Continue reading What is a valid objection to a planning application?



Sheep Wash in the Spring

Sheepwash Pond in SpringI live near Sheep Wash Pond on Honor End Lane, and have taken a few photographs there over the years. This year I took some to show the changes as Winter released it’s grip and Spring started to take hold.

There have been two families raised over at Sheep Wash this year, the first was a small brood of Mallards back at the beginning of May. When I first saw them there were 5 chicks, they used to cross Honor End Lane and visit my pond. A somewhat dangerous mission, but the traffic did stop for them. Sadly they have all disappeared due to predators. The same happened last year as well to an even larger brood. Continue reading Sheep Wash in the Spring