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Local Area Priorities Review

A reminder from Natalie Judson, Community Links Officer,  Bucks County Council:

“Would you be able to spare a few minutes so your voice can be heard in your local area surrounding local area priorities ? Your views will play a part in how funding and resources towards the issues agreed are then carried out.   We are refreshing priorities and it would be good to get as many views as possible, especially from local residents/professionals who run OR know a community group:

Current top 3 priorities are:

  • Road Safety
  • Speeding
  • Community Transport   The survey closes on the 26th September.  

Tel: 01296 382140; Mob: 07876 257 406 Email:

Your opportunity to put your priorities and ideas forward for Prestwood …

It will soon be three years since the current local priorities were set within the Missendens Local Area Forum (LAF).  

In order to refresh and gather feedback from residents about local priorities for the future, the following online survey has been created:

The survey will close September 26th at which point the report will be finalised for the LAF.
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Public Footpath Approved for Land Off Lodge Lane

After rallying support from 26 witnesses, Mandy Kentish’s application for a public footpath for an area of land off Lodge Lane was approved at Buckinghamshire County Council’s Rights of Way Committee on 12 July 2016.

The footpath extends from Widmere Field through Lawrence Grove to the junction of public footpath number 48.  It includes the land that was recently subject to two failed planning applications for 76 new homes by The Great Missenden Trust.  Witnesses confirmed use of the route from 1950 to 2014.

Claimed Public Footpath from Widmere Field to Public Footpath No. 48, Parish of Great Missenden

The footpath will appear on the Definitive Map and Statement as a Public Footpath providing no significant objections are received within a six week time period.

Mandy wishes to thank everyone who supported the application.



Is there a case for a Unitary Authority in Bucks?

Are you aware that Bucks County Council is currently preparing a business case for A Unitary Authority to streamline local government in Buckinghamshire?

CIB l ogo

Community Impact Bucks (CIB) wants to make sure that views, comments and concerns from the Voluntary and Community Sector are all taken into account.

There are 2 ways you can do this:

  • And/Or come along to one of the workshops CIB are running to enable you to discuss and share your thoughts

Register here for Aylesbury event:  25 July 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Register here for Wycombe event:  27 July  2:30pm – 5:00pm

View the Buckinghamshire Business First report – Strategic Financial Case for Local Government Reorganisation in Buckinghamshire, produced in 2014.   This will give background information which you may find useful and informative and is the basis for the Bucks County Council Business Case.

For questions, please contact 01844 348820 or email to discuss further.



HS2 – Latest proposal will affect you – please act now

Crucial that you lobby our MP, Cheryl Gillan,  Martin Tett, Bucks County Council and HS2 Ltd

(direct contact details below)

Message from John Skrimshire, Chair of Great Missenden Parish Revitalisation Group

“Dear All,        You may not be aware of the latest proposals made by HS2 Ltd with regard to Great Missenden which will also greatly impact on the residents of Prestwood who pass through en route to work, local schools, hospitals etc.

“HS2 is proposing to push ahead with its plans for the current Haul Road site off the Link Road roundabout at Great Missenden,  [see previous news item last November to see the effects that this is expected to have on Prestwood] whilst suggesting  “mitigation” which would include widening the Link Road from two to three lanes, with the accompanying loss of the 20 short-term car parking spaces on the Link Road adjacent to Buryfield.   So HS2’s “solution” for Great Missenden is more tarmac and less parking.

“Despite agreeing to an assurance with Bucks County Council in January to develop an alternative Haul Road site, [see PVA’s news item in January 2016] the promoter has failed to provide the full life-cycle costs promised within 28 days of the assurance agreement.   Without this baseline information, it is extremely difficult for Bucks County Council to develop an alternative, bearing in mind that the agreement also requires them to foot any additional bill. Continue reading HS2 – Latest proposal will affect you – please act now



Consultation reminder – Prestwood revitalisation proposal

Please take the opportunity to input to the public consultation, due to finish on Monday 11 July .

With the kind permission of JNP, there will be a display of the designs and consultation forms available from Monday 4th to Monday 11th July at their Prestwood office.

The comments and issues raised will be considered and addressed to create a project that has the support of the maximum number of people, and, in due course, help towards the long-term process of fund-raising.

Watch the video, read all about the proposal at  and then please complete the on-line questionnaire/feedback form.

No need for anyone in Prestwood to be excluded from expressing a view – please participate now.

Information about the proposal for the revitalisation of the village centre and its entry points has reached every household in Prestwood via the Front Page and Page 6 of  issue 44 of The Source for HP16.    Now please check out p.2 of  issue 45 due through your letter-box this weekend.  You can already see it on-line at

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Next stage – Chiltern Local Plan up to 2036

Preferred Options Consultation

You may recall that Chiltern (CDC) and South Bucks district councils are undertaking a joint Local Plan 2014-2036 for which an initial public consultation incorporating Issues & Options was carried out earlier this year with many of you contributing to it.   Our local Parish and District Councillors also  held an invited-audience-only meeting in Prestwood Village Hall for local organisations, including PVA.

CDC propose to repeat these as part of the next public consultation on Preferred Options,  along with holding a number of exhibitions across the two districts and want to give you advance notice of key dates.  This will be limited to development options in the Green Belt that the councils consider should be taken forward in the Local Plan in order to help meet development needs.  Consultation responses will help inform decisions on a draft Local Plan (expected for consultation in March/April 2017).

The details for the Preferred Options Consultation will be determined by the Councils joint Cabinets on 12th October 2016 (a Joint Committee meeting) and as such the following details are subject to confirmation.

It is anticipated that the public consultation will be for 6 weeks from 31st October until 5pm on 12th December 2016.  There will be two key events/activities as part of the consultation set out below.  Continue reading Next stage – Chiltern Local Plan up to 2036



Buy a Brick Fundraising for Abbey Gym Club

1601%20-%20Abbey%20Gym%20Club%2030th%20logoAbbey Gym Club recently gained planning permission to build a new gymnastics centre at the Sprinters site in Prestwood.

Some of our gymnasts will perform a display at the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration in Great Missenden on Saturday 11 June (weather permitting).  We will also have a table where we will have more information about our club and opportunities to donate to our new building.  We would love to see you there.

If you would like to buy a brick for our new building, please  talk to us in Great Missenden at the Queen’s birthday celebration.  Alternatively, we will be happy to receive a donation of any size paid into our bank account (see website for details) with the reference “Donation”.



HS2 Latest

The House of Lords Select Committee has set out its hearing programme from 7 – 9 June;  all are  Locus Standi challenges.

Eight  MPs with constituencies directly and specially affected by the proposed route for Phase 1 of HS2  have joined together to write to the House of Lords regarding the latest petitioning process in that House.  The letter is attached.

Bucks County Council’s petition response document is available here.    It may well take some time to upload as it is 56 pages long.

HS2 Alerts

If you would like to be kept up to date will all the latest information on HS2 matters please contact Andrea Polden  email  who will add you to her mailing list. Andrea is a volunteer who shares daily information on HS2 matters.



Prestwood Village Centre – Proposals for improvement

Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) is seeking local residents’ views on proposals to create a more vibrant village centre.

By following this link you can  take a look at a short video, produced and edited by local company Five on a Bike, which gives a brief introduction on how the village centre could look and you can give your feedback via the online consultation form.

For those that would like to know more, there is also a film of the presentation given by Ben Hamilton-Baillie of Hamilton-Baillie Associates to the village on 22 March, and an accompanying report Prestwood Report 02b small Final which explains the approach and the original brief, where you can find out how and why this project has come about.

Sketch proposal for a “recognisable village centre with its own identity which will help lower speeds, significantly improve pedestrian links and the environment for local shops and businesses”:

Chequers after

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Prestwood parking area under review

The following applies to the public car park opposite Prestwood Motors on the High Street and was received from John Gladwin, our local CDC Councillor.

Prestwood Car Park

Recently Chiltern District Council was approached to see whether it would be prepared to sell the rear part of the Car Park off Prestwood High Street to facilitate the building of 4 affordable Housing units. This was initially considered an attractive proposition given the shortage of affordable housing in the District.

However on further consideration, taking into account the Recycling Centre and the varied utilisation of the Car Park, the proposal has been passed to CDC’s Affordable Housing Group for further consideration. Before any decision is made about this, the community will be consulted.

John Gladwin

District Councillor.



Comment on local transport by 29 January deadline

Update – 13 April 2016 – Bucks County Council’s Local Transport Plan up to 2036 has now been published following the public consultation that finished at the end of January 2016.  To see the results go to this link and have a look at the accompanying documents/appendices.  

Particularly relevant to Prestwood is specific information on the bus network proposals under “Total Transport: the bus network Buckinghamshire needs in Appendix 1. page 58   and another interesting section is Road Safety on page 62.

Appendix 2 makes interesting reading too and well worth skimming through the comments made in green, especially on bus networks and parking.

There appears to be scope for local groups to liaise directly with BCC in the future to try and achieve satisfactory conclusions to local problems – anyone prepared to take the lead on this in Prestwood?

Originally published on PVA website on 23 January 2016 – Everyone in Prestwood is affected by local transport, whether we  use buses, trains, drive, cycle or walk.  Until 29 January, we all have an opportunity to send in our views on the Local Transport Plan (LTP) developed by Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC).

The LTP is a policy document setting out the Council’s priorities until the year 2036,  so will impact on us for decades.  BCC is in charge of transport locally, including buses, school buses, trains, roads, parking, cycling, pavements, rights of way and so on.  Continue reading Comment on local transport by 29 January deadline



100s of new houses proposed for Prestwood? Have your say with a little help from PVA…

As previously reported by PVA, Prestwood has been identified as a potential candidate for urban extension to meet part of the housing needs in the Chiltern District Council area over the next 16 years.  One large site has been identified by Lepus Consulting which is an enlarged plot in the same location of the 76 New Homes site adjacent to Lodge Lane;-
Previous News item – 100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?

How do you feel about more houses being built in Prestwood?  Do you have an opinion?  If so, please let Chiltern District Council know by responding to Initial (Regulation 18) Consultation Incorporating Issues and Options in respect of the Emerging Joint Local Plan. Continue reading 100s of new houses proposed for Prestwood? Have your say with a little help from PVA…



76 New Homes Refused BUT… Is a New Large Housing Estate Being Planned for Prestwood?

At last night’s Planning Committee Meeting (18 Feb), Chiltern District Council refused permission for the application to build 76 new homes off Lodge Lane.  The Committee were unanimous in their decision against the application.  It is anticipated that the applicant, The Great Missenden Trust, will appeal the decision within the next six months.

As PVA has previously highlighted, Chiltern District Council have embarked on a new Joint Local Plan with South Bucks.  The Local Plan will define where development will occur within the District up to 2036.  CDC are currently assessing areas for green belt release and a larger area of land off Lodge Lane has been proposed as a potential urban extension to Prestwood.  This land comprises the two large houses on Wycombe Road (Peppers House and Manna Ash), the orchard, the 76newhomes land and the paddocks (up to the boundary of Chiltern Way School).  Assuming the same density of housing as the 76newhomes development, this could be in the region of 340 houses.

For further info, please take a look at Prestwood Village Association and Chiltern District Council’s website:-

The public are invited to comment on the Plan via the Consultation Response Form.  There are 17 questions in total and you are encouraged to answer as many questions as you like.  The deadline for responses is 17:00 on 14 March 2016.  PVA are currently reviewing the questions and putting together some guidelines/suggestions for how Prestwood residents might want to respond.  This should be available in the next few days.



100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?

houses from the sky

Prestwood has been identified as a potential candidate for urban extension to meet part of the housing needs in the CDC area over the next 16 years. One large site has been identified by Lepus Consulting which is an enlarged plot in the same location of the 76 New Homes site adjacent to Lodge Lane.  Refer to this document: “Sustainability Appraisal of the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan Initial Consultation (Regulation 18) Incorporating Issues and Options” (follow the link to download it) and look on page 91.

This area is approximately 9.75 Hectares in size. More than 4 times the size of 76 New Homes area.

Follow this link to open this in a larger screen.

The Local Plan is currently seeking feedback in terms of a formal public consultation which is underway, and closes on the 14th of March at 5pm.

What would you like us to do?

  • Can PVA encourage people to respond to this consultation?
  • Is it worth a small group of people digging through this mountain of paperwork to locate what is important to Prestwood?

Let us know please by posting a comment at the bottom of this article.

If we get a sufficiently large response we will put something together and send out an alert through the website in the next 10 – 14 days. Continue reading 100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?



A New Heart for Prestwood?

From Carole Eaden, Prestwood Revitalisation Group. (PRG)

Feedback is now being sought from local residents for a potential redesign of Prestwood’s village centre so please “Leave a Comment”.

This idea has come about from the Market Town Health Check assessment via the local community vision – see

So far the group concerned, Prestwood Revitalisation Group, has managed to get funding for highway design experts to consider the problems associated with the village centre, such as the lack of a “heart” to the village, parking issues, and traffic management.  The brief explaining the background to this project can be viewed at the following link:  Brief for a project to create an improved village centre for Prestwood

The resulting ideas will be presented to the village in March, date to be confirmed.



New Press Release from Greene King

The following has been released by Greene King to the public as at 16:45 on the 3rd of February. It confirms the name change for the Chequers Pub to The Prestwood,.

A spokesperson for Greene King, said:

“Improvement work at the newly named The Prestwood is progressing well and we would like to thank local residents for their patience while we undertake this substantial refurbishment project.

“We understand and have listened to the concerns of some people in the community regarding the heritage of the Chequers. The Chequers name will continue to play an important role in the pub going forward and we plan to recognise this history in a number of ways. In the new pub sign we will be incorporating a picture of the Chequers tree and inside the pub we are hoping to name one of the rooms after the Chequers. At the bar there will also be a new house bitter, called The Chequers. We are grateful to Prestwood Rugby Club who will be taking ownership of the existing Chequers pub sign for safe-keeping and display. Continue reading New Press Release from Greene King



CDC’s Emerging Local Plan


On 20 January, Graham Winwright, CDC’s Planning Policy Manager, unveiled the next stage of the Emerging Local Plan for Chilterns & South Bucks 2014-2036 and PVA went along to find out more.    His presentation can be seen here.

To catch up from the beginning see previous articles, 13 January, 12 February 2015,  Emerging Chiltern & South Bucks Local Plan and 14 January 2016.

This current public consultation, on Issues and Options, is aimed at raising awareness and encouraging participation amongst local groups and organisations as well as the public.  It will be carried out in accordance with both councils’  Statement of Community Involvement and runs from 19th January  to 5pm on 14th March 2016.

As Chiltern District Council has now joined forces with South Bucks District Council in this exercise, the whole process has once again been re-started and, therefore, all submissions by everyone in previous public consultations need to be repeated and re-emphasised.
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HS2 concedes more mitigation measures to Bucks

Hard-won concessions came on Wednesday (20 January) in an eleventh hour offer from HS2 Ltd, when Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) was back in front of the Commons HS2 Select Committee.

The County Council, working with district and parish councils, made submissions to the Select Committee in October, which won mitigation measures for damage and disruption the high-speed rail line is expected to cause.    These included flood alleviation and monitoring measures, rights-of-way changes, school and public transport concessions, a pledge to recycle 95% of construction, demolition and excavation waste, and the removal of two controversial spoil dump sites from the plan.

Two major issues dominated the eleventh-hour negotiations and were particularly tough to reach agreement on, one being:

Local communities in Great Missenden and Prestwood expressed their concerns to the council about the proposal to provide a haul road for construction traffic from the Link Road roundabout on the A413.   The council asked that an alternative haul road be provided further north.   HS2 Ltd has agreed to this, subject to the council securing the necessary consents and that any alternative proposal doesn’t increase the cost.

See here  for last news item reported by PVA on this.

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the hard work to achieve this.

There are three information releases related to this that you can download and open below:

The documents have come from Bucks County Council.



News from Greene King’s press office

19 Jan 16

(PVA: There is a new press release from Greene King that came out on the 3rd of February. You can locate it here.)

Greene King statement

Chequers in Prestwood

Experienced pub operators John Anderson and Scott Suckling are the new licensees at the Chequers pub in Prestwood, which will be re-named The Prestwood.

John commented: “Together with Greene King we are completely renovating the Chequers and re-naming it The Prestwood. Our aim with this substantial refurbishment is to transform The Prestwood into an attractive and modern pub, that is fit for purpose for people locally who want somewhere to enjoy a great meal.

“Running the pub will be Angelique and Michael Rogers, a husband and wife team with a wealth of experience, who are both looking forward to getting stuck in and getting to know everyone in the village. We are still finalising the menu, which will be a good range of popular dishes, made in the new state of the art kitchen, using fresh food from local suppliers. Continue reading News from Greene King’s press office