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Minutes of PVA AGM 15 April 2014

Prestwood Village Association

[Draft] Minutes – Annual General Meeting

Tuesday April 15 2014 at 7.30pm in Prestwood Village Hall

Present: PVA Committee Members: John Cadman (Chairman), Henry Hall (Treasurer), Katy Nex (Secretary), Anne Banks, Mary Cadman, Karine Lipinski, Barbara Rowett, Mark Wingrove; 130 PVA members and invited guests.

Apologies: Received from Committee member Colin Veysey (many thanks for setting up a/v equipment), Bob Swayne, Mike Lee (GMPC), Andrew Garnett (CDC), Alan Stevens (BCC). Continue reading Minutes of PVA AGM 15 April 2014



PVA Chairman’s Report 15 April 2014

It is my pleasure to present the first annual chairman’s report of the Prestwood Village Association (PVA). Thank you all for coming to our AGM and supporting PVA. We are very pleased that many of our local councillors have given up their valuable time too to join us. Our Chiltern District councillors Mark Cunnane and John Gladwin and Great Missenden Parish Council’s chair, Brenda Gover, together with Prestwood & Heath End Councillors Mike Bennett,  Jennifer Sole, Chris Ward, Steve Humphreys, Bob Hougham, Laurel Swayne and Anne Mitchell, our Parish Clerk. We have had apologies from our Bucks County Councillor Alan Stevens, Chiltern District Councillor Andrew Garnett and Mike Lee, GMPC.

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PVA’s First year bash


Over 130 people crammed into Prestwood Village Hall to celebrate our first anniversary and AGM last Tuesday.  Villagers, local councillors, businesses and groups all joined in and we hope that all of you enjoyed the evening?

With the AGM over, John Cadman, the Chair, asked everyone to spread the word with the aim of doubling the membership over the next year –  from the current 630 emailed-newsletter subscribers, to 1500 would be great. He also thanked everyone who’d served on the Committee over the past year and welcomed our new committee member, Maggie Coles.  She lived in Prestwood as a child and has now returned to live here once again.

Following praise from all on the creation of this website, Mark Wingrove highlighted how you can now have a say by leaving a comment and expressing your opinion on any of the news items which are posted here almost daily, keeping the website fresh and (hopefully?) interesting, in order to build-up a village dialogue on topics of interest and concern. Continue reading PVA’s First year bash



Feedback from Prestwood

During the inaugural meeting on the 21st of April we invited the residents present to comment on which areas they were concerned about with regards to Prestwood. Below we have presented the results. We will analyse this information during the committee meeting at the end of May and will decide what action we can take through the website to assist people in these areas.

What you told PVA at our inaugural meeting

At the inaugural PVA meeting, we asked for your feedback about the Prestwood issues that concerned you. We were really pleased that we had more than 130 responses, written on post-it notes, which were divided into ‘Planning Issues’, ‘Local issues’ and ‘Other issues’.

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