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PVA AGM Report 2015

Following the highly successful AGM on 21st April, we attach the  documents presented at that meeting, including the draft minutes.

Prestwood Village Association would like to thank all the Prestwood residents that attended (110 people) and all organisations that extended their support by providing refreshments, donating  raffle prizes, and either representing their respective groups or presenting at the meeting.

The raffle raised £217 which the PVA Committee topped up to £225. Cheques for £75 each have been raised to benefit three local Prestwood groups: Community First Responders, Abbey Gym Club and Holy Trinity Church refurbishment.

Links to documents below   (The download may take a while)

Presentation for AGM 2015


Treasurers Report & Accounts

Chairman’s Report 2015



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Prestwood Infant School’s petition

Message from Nicola Raher, Headteacher at Prestwood Infant School:

“As many villagers are aware, we have been campaigning for some time to improve the footpaths outside school. We have now set up an e-petition with Bucks County Council which will run for 28 days.

Please take the time to follow the link below and sign the petition. If you can, please also circulate the link to your family, friends and colleagues:

We so desperately require your support to push this campaign forward, and we thank you in advance for taking the time to do so.

Kind regards – Nicola Raher – Headteacher”

Both the Prestwood Village Association and the Prestwood Revitalisation Group have been lobbying to improve safety in Moat Lane outside the Infant School for a while now.  See input under previous items posted on this website.   Preferred Choices for LAF, Prestwood Villagers Speak Loud & Clear and Participation in Setting Local Priorities.



The nurse’s home?

Up to 1995, the Pains lived for some years at 17 Sixty Acres Road. During that time a house diagonally opposite was demolished to make way for two new homes.They rescued the foundation stone from the demolition rubble which reads “This land was given for the nurse’s home in memory of Allan Cameron Gardner The Chestnuts Prestwood”

P1020509Can anyone give any information on the history of the Nurse’s Home and who Allan Cameron Gardner was?  If so please leave a reply below.



PVA bash a great success

A big thank you to the 110 or so villagers who came along to support PVA’s 2nd AGM and anniversary evening in the Village Hall last night and our guest speakers who all proved very interesting.  Our thanks too to Katy Brill and colleagues from the Wild Strawberry Cafe and Nick and Dave from Malt The Brewery for setting up shop for the evening and the many local groups that were represented.

We’ll shortly be making available the Chairman’s report from the meeting and also the end of year accounts on the website but, in the meantime, have a few raffle prizes unclaimed, as follows:

173 blue   – £10 voucher for Chequers Peking Cuisine

193 green – £60 voucher – 4 Wheel Alignment Prestwood Motors

132 orange – £60 voucher – 4 Wheel Alignment Prestwood Motors

208 blue – Mug – donated by Prestwood Pharmcy

152 blue – purple spectacle case – Susan Collier Opticians

177 green – turquoise spectacle case – Susan Collier Opticians

175 green – Haribo sweets from Premier – Prestwood Food & Wine Store

142 green – Hand trowel – Hildreths

203 green – transplanter trowel – Hildreths

Please call 865657 Barbara to arrange to collect.   Bring along your winning ticket.



See you on 21st April – 7pm – Prestwood Village Hall

Following your invitation to our AGM and 2nd year’s celebration, here’s the Final AGM Programme210415.        Malt logo

Proceeds of the raffle will be given jointly to the South Bucks Community First Responders, Abbey Gym Club and Holy Trinity Church refurbishment.  Malt The Brewery and the Wild Strawberry Cafe from Peterley Manor Farm will be there together with refreshments and displays from many local groups.Wild Strawberry Cafe logo

Put the date in your diary and see you on Tuesday 21st.





INVITATION to all our PVA subscribers

Please come and support our Second Anniversary Celebration and AGM…

Prestwood Village Hall on Tuesday 21 April – doors open at 7.00pm.

We aim to get through the AGM formalities as quickly as possible so that we can celebrate PVA’s second year together for the rest of the evening.

Malt the Brewery and Peterley Manor Farm’s Wild Strawberry Cafe are kindly opening up in the hall by special request.  A grand raffle, refreshments and the latest news from local groups including Abbey Gym Club, Prestwood Archive, Prestwood Nature, Holy Trinity Church refurbishment, Open Spaces initiative, South Bucks Ambulance Service’s Community First Responders, 5 on a Bike, Afternoon and Evening WIs, Prestwood Theatre Club, Zanni’s Bakery and more!


7.00pm  Doors open to visit displays, Malt the Brewery’s taster bar and the Wild Strawberry Cafe

7.30pm  Annual General Meeting  – Notice of meeting AGM calling notice 210415 including draft minutes of the AGM held on 15 April 2014 and AGM Nomination Form Election Committee Members      [Please print these off and bring with you, having previously read the draft minutes of the last AGM]

7.45pm – 8.15 ‘ish   Latest news from Community Groups,

followed by Refreshments and Mix & Mingle until

9.30pm Raffle draw and Chairman’s Summing Up

Bring your friends and neighbours – tell us what you like or don’t like about PVA and help to shape its future. If you plan to attend and can let us know in advance, please do so via Contact Us.  It will assist us with seating and catering arrangements.

Many thanks – Mark & Sue, Katy, Colin, Ian, Lesley, Caroline, Mike, Steve, Karine and Barbara – Prestwood Association Committee



PVA’s AGM & Annual Bash

Save the date in your diary now … full programme & AGM papers to follow:

Tuesday 21st April, Prestwood Village Hall.  Doors open at 7.00pm

Malt logoPlease come and support our Second Anniversary Celebration and AGM in Prestwood Village Hall on Tuesday 21st April. We aim to get through the AGM formalities as quickly as possible so that we can celebrate PVA’s second year together for the rest of the evening.   

Malt The Brewery and Wild Strawberry Cafe from Peterley Manor Farm are kindly opening up in the hall by special request.

Wild Strawberry Cafe logoLatest news and displays from local groups including Prestwood Nature, Prestwood Archive, and many others (tbc).  Also refreshments and a grand raffle.

Continue reading PVA’s AGM & Annual Bash



Open Letter to GMPC

The following has been passed to Great Missenden Parish Council from Prestwood Village Association. 

Public Consultation for CDC Local Plan (2014 – 2036)

It has come to the attention of Prestwood Village Association (PVA)  that there may be an expectation from Great Missenden Parish Council (GMPC) that PVA represents the views of all residents in Prestwood, including the collective views of some of the established groups that exist within Prestwood.  This is a misperception, and PVA do not wish anyone to consider that we can or will represent the views of the whole village.

For the avoidance of doubt; Prestwood Village Association exists to connect people together and inform the residents of Prestwood. Where a body of opinion exists within the subscribers to Prestwood Village Association we will endeavour to connect people sharing similar opinions together so that they may make their own representations to local government or other agencies on any emerging issue. We actively encourage the participation of residents in public consultations, and where these public consultations have not been adequately advertised (meaning most people are unaware of them), then we will promote them to our subscribers and on the website. Continue reading Open Letter to GMPC



Save the date ……

PVA’s second anniversary bash and AGM is booked in the Village Hall for Tuesday 21st April.   Doors open at 7.00pm.  With guest speakers, a raffle and refreshments, including Katy Brill’s delicious cakes from the Wild Strawberry Cafe, we promise a fun and informative evening.  We’re hoping that Malt The Brewery will once again be able to join in too with their famous Taster Bar.

Save the date now and we look forward to seeing you on 21st April.  If you’ve not yet signed up to subscribe to the PVA emailed monthly newsletter, do so now, and we’ll remind you nearer the time.   See side bar to the right and bottom of this page.



Just dipping in and out?

Many thanks to James who recently wrote to us:  Hi, Just to say thanks for a great website – it really was needed and thanks for taking the initiative to set up what can only help build a stronger community the more subscribers you get, which I will continue to help you with. Thanks and congratulations.”

Are you one of our Prestwood villagers who dip in and out of this site occasionally but haven’t signed up to receive our monthly emailed News Bulletin? 

Help us make the 1,000 mark by the end of our second year in May.  Please show your support for the site by signing up – to subscribe just go the bottom of the right-hand side bar on this page and sign in.  You’ll receive an email which you need to acknowledge to become a subscriber, and then we can bring the headlines to you each month.



Success at last…

After 20 months of lobbying, our voices have been heard – one small success for the community…

For those of you who’ve followed the saga, within the last few days, BT Openreach have finally transferred their internal workings from the offending cabinet on the corner of Honor End Lane and the A4128 Wycombe Road into a new one which has unobtrusively been erected alongside the fence by the offices of D C Kaye & Co, and the old cabinet has been removed.

White van man takeover? Five BT vehicles finally came to the rescue.
White van man takeover? Five BT vehicles finally came to the rescue.

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PVA open to local businesses

Are you in business in Prestwood?

Having built-up an email subscriber database of 780 Prestwood homes since this website was launched, PVA is now expanding its coverage to more fully include the business community in the village.
An advertising policy has been agreed and we are happy to list your Prestwood-based business and contact details within the Community Directory under trade listings, for free.  In return for a free entry, you need to be on our monthly newsletter e-mailing list – see the right-hand side bar at the bottom of the Home page to subscribe – and display a promotional A4 PVA poster if you have suitable premises to do this.
We get around 1800 hits a month on the website and therefore feel that the PVA can now be a useful way for local businesses to promote themselves.
For businesses based outside Prestwood wishing to be listed within the Community Directory we’ll request a donation.  For more information on this please contact us.


Site Statistics

You may be curious about how many people visit this site each month. The Prestwood Village Association and their supporters (you!) have helped us to reach a regular audience of 1300 users who visit the site each month. Below is a summary from Google Analytics which we use to monitor the site. Note this does not collect any personal identifiable information.

The following images are screen shots for the past 31 days from yesterday (23rd of Oct). Continue reading Site Statistics



Changes to PVA Committee

It is with great regret that we say goodbye to three of the founding members of Prestwood Village Association as they move to pastures new – John Cadman (Chair), Mary Cadman and Henry Hall (Treasurer).   John, Mary and Henry have played significant roles in researching and establishing the Prestwood Village Association in late 2012 along with Barbara Rowett (who remains an active member of the committee).

Twenty months later, with Mark Wingrove’s expertise and their efforts, we have a website with over 1500 visits a month, alive with highly relevant news for the area, and over 750 subscribers.  A big thank you for helping us get started and a special thank you to John for guiding us on that journey as Chair.

Mark Wingrove has kindly agreed to fill the post of Chair up to the next AGM, hopefully pending confirmation then, and we welcome some new committee members – Catherine Gibbon, Sue Wingrove (co-opted as Treasurer) and Peter Harte.



Minutes of PVA AGM 15 April 2014

Prestwood Village Association

[Draft] Minutes – Annual General Meeting

Tuesday April 15 2014 at 7.30pm in Prestwood Village Hall

Present: PVA Committee Members: John Cadman (Chairman), Henry Hall (Treasurer), Katy Nex (Secretary), Anne Banks, Mary Cadman, Karine Lipinski, Barbara Rowett, Mark Wingrove; 130 PVA members and invited guests.

Apologies: Received from Committee member Colin Veysey (many thanks for setting up a/v equipment), Bob Swayne, Mike Lee (GMPC), Andrew Garnett (CDC), Alan Stevens (BCC). Continue reading Minutes of PVA AGM 15 April 2014



PVA Chairman’s Report 15 April 2014

It is my pleasure to present the first annual chairman’s report of the Prestwood Village Association (PVA). Thank you all for coming to our AGM and supporting PVA. We are very pleased that many of our local councillors have given up their valuable time too to join us. Our Chiltern District councillors Mark Cunnane and John Gladwin and Great Missenden Parish Council’s chair, Brenda Gover, together with Prestwood & Heath End Councillors Mike Bennett,  Jennifer Sole, Chris Ward, Steve Humphreys, Bob Hougham, Laurel Swayne and Anne Mitchell, our Parish Clerk. We have had apologies from our Bucks County Councillor Alan Stevens, Chiltern District Councillor Andrew Garnett and Mike Lee, GMPC.

Continue reading PVA Chairman’s Report 15 April 2014



PVA’s First year bash


Over 130 people crammed into Prestwood Village Hall to celebrate our first anniversary and AGM last Tuesday.  Villagers, local councillors, businesses and groups all joined in and we hope that all of you enjoyed the evening?

With the AGM over, John Cadman, the Chair, asked everyone to spread the word with the aim of doubling the membership over the next year –  from the current 630 emailed-newsletter subscribers, to 1500 would be great. He also thanked everyone who’d served on the Committee over the past year and welcomed our new committee member, Maggie Coles.  She lived in Prestwood as a child and has now returned to live here once again.

Following praise from all on the creation of this website, Mark Wingrove highlighted how you can now have a say by leaving a comment and expressing your opinion on any of the news items which are posted here almost daily, keeping the website fresh and (hopefully?) interesting, in order to build-up a village dialogue on topics of interest and concern. Continue reading PVA’s First year bash