Clark’s Shoes

I thought I would share this as I have just used it and it works very well. I just don’t think it is advertised widely. Did you know that you can order shoes over the web from Clark’s and get a 20% discount if your order is above £70 (for adult shoes)?

Better still it costs you nothing if you have them delivered to your house, and you can return them to any Clark’s shop if they are not suitable, so there are no postage charges either. You can also have them delivered to your nearest store, and still get the 20% discount.

I suspect they are building up on their web presence.

I visited the store in Wycombe on Saturday and found they did not have my size in stock. Out of curiosity I searched the web on Sunday, found the site placed an order for the precise shoe I was looking for, and received it on Tuesday. A pretty good service all around.

Try it for yourself by going to here: the current code for the discount is: BOCT14  don’t forget to enter it before you check out.

Do you have any money saving tips?



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