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Mary Wiles writes:

“Am I the only person who cant get a mobile phone signal in the Nairdwood Lane area? When I recently bought a new phone, the salesman  showed me a map indicating that Nairdwood Lane was a “black hole” as far as reception is concerned, and it seems to be getting worse. I don’t give people my mobile number as I know they wont be able to get hold of me! Does anyone know how to put pressure on phone companies to erect a mast in this area?”



11 thoughts on “Comment on mobile phone coverage”

  1. Like Mary Wiles, I too have problems with mobile phone coverage in my home. I was previously with Vodafone but after many years the coverage in my home worsened to the extent that I could not get a signal unless I went out onto my drive and even then the signal was patchy.

    I therefore switched to EE on the recommendation of my friends and to begin with the signal was considerably better than Vodafone’s.

    However, from the start of this year I began to have the same problems with EE’s signal as I had previously experienced with Vodafone. To be fair, having contacted EE they did provide a signal booster but even that did not resolve the issue although I can now get a signal in one of my upstairs rooms.

    Having put the problem to EE they initially said that there was a issue with their mast at Moat Lane Farm but when I contacted them again this was denied.

    At the moment it would appear that EE are unable to resolve the issue of poor or inadequate coverage in my house.

    As an aside, I was in Oxford at the weekend and could not get a signal inside the Oxford Spires Hotel where I was staying but as soon as I went outside the building there was no problem.

    I am beginning to think that it may be that some buildings act like a ‘Faraday cage’, particularly if there are steel beams contained within the structure. In which case the mobile phone companies will need to consider this when assessing coverage.

  2. I live in the nairdwood land end of Wright lane,for the last few years. I changed prior to moving there from Vodafone to 02,because of generally poor coverage wherever I need to go.
    With 02 at my house,inside or outside I hav e no trouble and it’s always reasonable.
    Try 02

  3. I can’t get a signal in Honorwood Close and have to walk around the house, I’m with EE but Vodafone was no better.

  4. I have a mobile with O2 and live in Nairdwood Lane. No problem with a signal there and we get 4G as well.

    1. I live in Greenlands Lane and couldn’t get a signal in the house with Virgin, only in front or back gardens. I now have a Tesco phone and have a strong signal indoors.

  5. In Stocklands Way, close to Nairdwood – on O2, which used to be poor, but for last 18 months is fine 4G coverage is reliable

  6. Prestwood is a black hole for mobile signals but O2 works best of all. To make things easy go to Tesco’s mobile shop (Tesco accounts use O2 as their network provider) in their big Amersham store and they will set you up with an account there and then.

  7. I am located at Honor End Lane, I have tried Orange, did not work, Vodaphone, poor signal worked in some locations but not others. Virgin, that worked ok. I changed to O2 through my business mobile some time ago and this has worked fine for many years. I moved off of a business tariff and joined Giff Gaff (An O2 company) which uses the O2 Network as well. If you are looking for a SIM only solution, they are very low cost and offer a wide range of packages from data only to data and voice. It costs me around £10 per month. If one person joins Giff Gaff, you can obtain extra SIMs (for free) and pass them to the rest of your family and get money back. Hard to beat this company for value.

  8. I think it depends where you are. I live between Nairdwood Way and Church Path. My husband is with Vodafone and it is hopeless. I am with O2 and sometimes it’s fine and sometimes awful. Outside and upstairs is better than downstairs.

  9. I am a near neighbour of Mary and endorse her comments about the Nairdwood Close area. I used to be with Orange (hopeless) but when I switched to Vodafone I invested in a Sure Signal booster which works very well within the house. But 10 feet from the front door or in the back garden it is very poor.

    Before I retired the mobile signal in my car dropped off across most of Prestwood; so Vodafone have a big black hole here (not that I am suggesting that we are the Black Hole of Prestwood!)

    However this should be an issue that we can collectively at least draw to the attention of the Service Providers. Can we do something collectively?

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