Equal Opportunities Policy

Why do we need an Equal Opportunities Policy?

  • To ensure that PVA has a good name and reputation
  • Makes it easier to challenge unacceptable behaviour and language
  • Makes it a safer environment for everybody
  • Encourages people to come forward and join PVA
  • Ensures PVA members think about involving everybody
  • Makes PVA stronger and more credible, because it speaks for all and it’s the law.

We want to be able to speak to as many organisations that are relevant to PVA’s purpose.  We want people from different backgrounds and with different experiences to be part of PVA.

This is why we strive to make PVA a place where representatives can feel welcome.

We will make active efforts to make sure that representatives of all organisations who want to can get involved in PVA meetings by

  • Publicising all meetings to members
  • Making sure publicity is put out where people can see or hear it
  • Standing up against any behaviour or language that may upset or insult some people and create an unwelcoming atmosphere.

What we see as offensive behaviour and language:

  • Making jokes about people because of their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Making assumptions about people because they belong to a certain group of people (All young people, all Asians, all single parents, all white people….are like that)
  • Describing people in a way that may be seen as an insult or threat.

How we will deal with offensive behaviour and language:

We will tell the person in question that we found their behaviour or language unacceptable.

No person will be laughed at or victimised for speaking out about what they find offensive, so they can feel confident to challenge offensive comments and behaviour.

We will expect the person in question to apologise immediately for offensive behaviour or comments.

If the person continues behaving in that way and does not apologise for any upset they may have caused, they will be asked to leave the meeting.

They will be contacted within one week and given an opportunity to apologise in writing before the next meeting.

If they refuse to apologise or/and attend a training course, they will be excluded from all future meetings.

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