DDPD – the next stage

13 February – Update: – Prestwood meeting now Tuesday 4th March at Prestwood Village Hall – 7.30pm

Anne Hewett, Great Missenden Parish Councillor for Prestwood & Heath End, will be leading follow-up consultation meetings on the latest situation regarding the draft Delivery Development Plan Document (DDPD).

Proposal map changes – the complete document is 386 pages long (and takes ages to download) at  https://isa.chiltern.gov.uk/democracy/documents/b7844/Item%208%20Appendix%203%2021st-Jan-2014%2018.30%20Housing%20Planning%20Overview%20Committee.pdf?T=9.

We are studying the documents in order to provide a synopsis of the main implications for Prestwood in preparation for the next consultation.  From an initial scan through, the SHLAA site at The Glebe, Prestwood, for 9 dwellings has been upgraded to a “Housing Proposal Site”.  This will no doubt be a great disappointment to the many property owners and residents nearby who opposed the proposal during the last consultation round.

Questions that spring to some people’s minds:  “Will the proposed new overhead connections for the electrification of the Chiltern line through Great Missenden by 2019 require the local bridges to be rebuilt?”   If so what impact will that have on Prestwood?  Will it enable more heavy traffic through the village, in particular, potentially, HS2 spoil lorries?  Will it cut off Prestwood from Great Missenden for a long period?  Have local councillors already seen plans on this and at what point will they be available for public view?

To catch up on the history of this see http://prestwoodva.org.uk/update-on-ddpd/ and the other links mentioned in that article.

As soon as the public consultation dates are known, we’ll let you know.



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