We had some reports from people who are on TalkTalk or TalkTalk related service providers who were not receiving newsletters from us in November. TalkTalk has acquired many companies over the past few years and are not limited to talktalk.net email addresses. Tiscali.co.uk and aol.com are two others that they provide a legacy service for. 

Internet Black Holes

From time to time we are aware that someone changes something within the service provider network.  For example the receiver; your service provider, or the service provider at the sending end of a message. This happened around 18 months ago when our statistics fell due to some changes made in a BT device located in London that checks all mail for BT subscribers. At that time lots of people were affected, and nobody could reach the technical people that managed the device in London, even through BT technical support.  But it did eventually get resolved. We thought we had a similar problem affecting TalkTalk users. There are devices within the service provider networks that filter email. You do not have any control of them, and the problem here is you don’t know when someone has filtered your email.

What we did

We examined our subscriber database and extracted all of those email addresses that go to people on talktalk.net, tiscali.co.uk and aol.com and sent a message to this group requesting that they reply back to us. If we got replies from people on tiscali.co.uk, talktalk.net and aol.com then this would indicate that there is no centralised filtering that has been added to these address ranges. That did prove to be the case. We had at least one reply from each address group, so there does not appear to be any new centralised filtering in place within the TalkTalk family of service providers. Thank you for those that helped us check the systems. 

So what else can you do?

There may be situations where some third party, or maybe even you have selected some filtering at the local level in your email application. This may be sending things to a junk or spam folder without your knowledge.

The image you can see here is looking at my Outlook junk mail folder. In my case I have an anti virus/ security program called ESET Smart Security examining messages in my mail box and marking them as Spam. In each case you can see [SPAM] inserted in the subject line.

If I select the email I wish to receive, right click on it, a set of options appears. There are actually two of them; Junk and ESET Smart Security Premium. In my case the latter overrides the former. But you may have something else added to your menu, or just the Junk option.

In my case I have selected the option Add To Whitelist. If I check this, it tells the system that is it ok to receive messages from this sender. So in the future they will not be sent to a junk mail folder.

Your system will be different, but this is the place to explore to reset the filtering at the local level.

Assigning a spam filtered email to a white list so that you will see it next time.

Webmail Users

Some of you may not be using Outlook, but are using web based email reading applications. You will generally find somewhere in the interface there is a way of “unjunking” or “unspamming” something that should not be there. 

If you are still stuck, not sure what to do, and our emails are going into your junk email folder please contact us and we will get in touch.