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During December 2015 work started on renovating The Chequers pub in Prestwood. PVA has highlighted a number of things as news items on the news page including press releases and licensing applications on the website.

One area around the name change from The Chequers to The Prestwood seems to have caused many to comment.

On Sunday the 7th of Feb 2016 we ran our first survey. Many thanks to everyone that participated. We used a free account using Survey Monkey to pose two questions. The first 100 respondents are recorded below, these came in within 6 hours of announcing the survey. The results are below.

Ques 4

52 comments were made, you can read them here.

Ques 3

35 Comments were made you can read them here.

Respondents were invited to indicate if they were Chequers Folk Club Supporters.

23% of the respondents were Chequers Folk Club supporters.



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