Good news – A 4128 resurfacing in Prestwood

Update of 13 March news item, to keep you informed, from Peter Martin, Bucks County Councillor:

“As many of you will have noticed, Transport For Bucks sent the jet patcher along Wycombe Road A4128 Prestwood on 13 April to fill defects whilst we await the resurfacing to take place later this year.

“The team has recognised how concerned residents are about the road and 139 defects have been filled which hopefully will tide us over until the main works can be done.”

News item – 13 March 2018 – Wycombe Road between Prestwood and Great Kingshill is to be resurfaced this year some time between April and July. The work is expected to take between one and two weeks. During this time, there will be road closures and diversions. The details of these will be announced as soon as decisions have been made. Provision will be made for access for residents and businesses.

Peter Martin, our Bucks County Councillor, will also be reviewing other resurfacing priorities in the near future.  He will advise us of progress as soon as it is available.

Please also refer to our earlier news page to make your views heard at Potholes – it is time to have your say.

If you have any concerns, please contact our local councillors. Peter Martin (BCC) or John Gladwin (CDC).



3 thoughts on “Good news – A 4128 resurfacing in Prestwood”

  1. Does this mean that BCC will be doing nothing until April about the enormous potholes half way down the Wycombe road and also where lodge lane joins the Wycombe road further down? Makes you wonder what they are doing with the 5.6% increase in the community charge just imposed.

  2. What would the roads be like if we had street lights to pay for too!!!!
    Where does the council tax money go????

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