High Street Car Park Recycling

This was taken on February 8 in the Co-op Car Park, several local residents having highlighted the condition that the recycling containers can sometimes reach.  They have made their views known directly to the Waste Department at Chiltern District Council.  If you would like to add your comments about this, the link is at the bottom of page http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/contact-us  and their e-mail address is wasteteam@chiltern.gov.uk

Some of the comments:

“Experience tells me most people are decent and nice and want to live in a nice decent community. That means people need to feel that they have a stake in something in which they are happy and take pride.”

“Please see the attached photo of the paper recycling bins in Prestwood Car Park, taken last Thursday, I understand as at Tuesday these had still not been emptied and were looking even worse.  I have been informed that for the last two weeks, there has been no collection, allegedly because of the lack of a driver.  Lame excuse, since the collection is outsourced under contract and if one company fails to collect another can easily be brought in as a substitute albeit temporarily.”

“There was a proposal to remove recycling bins by last Christmas, as “unnecessary” since the introduction of wheelies etc.  However, if that was the case they would hardly be overflowing every week. They have been removed from the car park at Great Kingshill but I suggest we would have a serious litter problem if that were to happen in Prestwood as well.”

“This unsightly matter must be an urgent consideration for both our District and Parish Councillors to  address, before it gets completely out of hand.”



3 thoughts on “High Street Car Park Recycling”

  1. It would be helpful if there was enough space between the bins to be able to use the slots on the sides. The bins would not then get full at the front and much less full at the back.

  2. We too most concerned that the local recycle containers (Prestwood, Great Missenden and Amersham) remained not emptied for such a long time. Agree it is often possible to feed rubbish into the side ‘windows’, however some people on finding difficulty loading in usual way, just dump it between and behind the containers. May we add a plea that if full, just take home. Left outside the containers, rubbish just regarded as landfill, looks unsightly and encourages rats.

  3. I find it remarkable that no-one has got down to the problem with the paper/cardboard recycling bins in Prestwood. They were provided for the domestic community who now find that they are dominated by a queue of transit style vans around 4 – 5pm every evening unloading trade waste packaging so that the contractor inside can avoid paying to dispose of his trade waste legally at a waste disposal centre.
    If the council put any thought into the situation it would not be removing the bins – it would be an analysis of the names and addresses of the companies who are dumping the likes of flat pack wrappings for furniture, kitchens, boilers and general builders waste without paying for it as they would be charged for taking a transit into a waste disposal facility at Amersham or Chesham.
    I notice that there is a camera mounted on a pole at Prestwood. Since there has been no feedback reported from this, no reports of anti-social behaviour (see separate article on PVA antisocial behaviour), I assume it must just be a minion to make us all feel happy

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