John Gladwin (CDC Councillor) has alerted us to the following message from HS2 Ltd


What are we doing?

Boundary Fencing

As part of HS2’s programme of works preparing for the start of the construction of the planned railway, we need to erect fencing in the
area shown on the map at the end of this letter.

The works will start on or shortly after 25th June 2018 and will take around three weeks depending on ground conditions and weather.

This fencing will be a combination of ‘post and wire’ and ‘post and rail’ fencing. We will also be putting in newt and reptile barrier fencing.
Below is an example of what the fencing will look like where both ‘post and wire and newt & reptile barrier fencing is installed.

Vehicles, mainly 4x4s with trailers, will bring the fencing and tools onto the site before it is installed.

The barrier fence is designed to prevent newts and reptiles straying into the area of future construction and is buried partly under the
ground to prevent them getting under the barrier material. This is in preparation for newts and reptiles being carefully trapped on the land
from where construction will take place and relocated under license to local safe habitat sites. The newt trapping will start late August 2018.

For the full release please click on the following link to see the document HS2 Ltd has provided for further details: AWNC2A009 Great Missenden Fencing June 18