Latest on emerging Local Plan public consultation

Closing date for responses to be received by Chiltern District Council is 5pm on Friday 6th March 2015

PVA was represented at a “limited-attendance-due-to-space” meeting hosted by GMPC’s Planning Committee at the parish office last night (12th February).  Here’s a brief update to encourage you to input to Chiltern District Council’s first public consultation on their emerging Local Plan which will be in place up to 2036 … so for the next  20 years, by the time it’s in place.

Please note that SHLAA sites have now become HELA’s in latest jargon.

Links to background articles 13 January and 6 February explain the whole picture and, all PVA subscribers will have received an ALERT email on the 6th as well.

It’s particularly important that if you individually, or your organisation or club, inputted to the CDC during the previous public consultation under the DDPD [now abandoned], you adapt and re-state everything again to ensure that your thoughts and/or project ideas are carried forward into the emerging Local Plan wish list.

If you are able to use any of the 6 Questions within the Local Plan Initial Consultation (Regulation 18) document  as a base for your answers then that is the ideal situation from CDC’s point of view.  However, this may well not be possible but it should not deter you from having your say.  CDC have confirmed that a letter or email clearly stating your name, address, contact details and whether you’re replying as an individual or on behalf of a group (name the group), stating your input, will also be taken into account.

The official form is Local_Plan_Reg_18_Response_Form and the closing date for responses to be received by Chiltern District Council is 5pm on Friday 6th March 2015.



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