Local Plan Consultation Nov-Dec 2016

There is a consultation running currently that is seeking your feedback. It closes on the 12th of December at 5pm. You may consider that you are not affected by this consultation. But think again. Prestwood Village Association have been looking through the current evidence base and history and have found some things that are worth bringing to your attention.

The current Local Plan consultation run by CDC is asking for feedback on 15 Green Belt Options. The nearest ones to Prestwood are near Holmer Green and Hazlemere. There are no Green Belt options being considered currently in Prestwood AT THIS TIME.

Part of a Long Process – but an important one

The current consultation is part of a long process comprising several consultations, you may recall the last one was in March of 2016.  Each step asks for feedback, the feedback is then processed and considered, and decisions are made based on the feedback. Then the process moves to the next step. There will be another one in March of 2017. Each step moves closer to a plan that has community backing to facilitate development to proceed in the next 20 years or so.

Looking Backwards before we look Forwards

As we move through the process we are asked a new set of questions at each stage, however are we curious about what the results were for the last set of questions we answered?  We should be, because those results reflect how your feedback was interpreted. We may assume that because all 23 sites proposed in Prestwood have been rejected, that the community has responded and appropriate action has been taken. That is not necessarily the case.

Not much in Prestwood? Take a look.

The map below shows all of the sites that have been considered and rejected for now, some have been rejected twice.

Each shape that is coloured either red or yellow/ orange is a potential development site that has been put forwards by somebody. Those that are red, have now been rejected twice. It is clear that this process reviews areas that have been rejected, and therefore you cannot assume that once something has been rejected it has been removed for good.

You can zoom into this map to explore it more detail. Later in this article we will provide links to full screen maps and aerial views but first some comments about our approach.

A picture paints a thousand words

We do not hold copyright on the maps used in the consultation documents which are all subject to Crown Copyright. The easiest way to show you where things have been proposed is through Google Maps.

If you live near or in one of these areas and have any concerns about where we have drawn the boundaries, please refer to the source document and page. In some cases it is not absolutely clear where a boundary is, and unlike the CDC maps you can zoom into ours. Our maps are not absolutely accurate, they are there as a guide only.

If we have made an error, then help us to correct it. Please contact us and tell us where the error is.

There are two views of the same map which will open up full screen in your browser. Zoom in and pan left and right to establish where these are located.

Prestwood Map View

Prestwood Aerial View

Masses of Documents – we’ve looked at them for you

As in the last round of the consultation there was a large mass of documents to wade through. In this case we are going to take a different approach for the following reasons:

  • All of these sites are currently not being considered as candidates for building
  • We want to bring to your attention the statements made about these sites as the current matter of record for each of them.
  • They may return in the future
  • You have an opportunity to indicate your support of the decision or indicate your disapproval of the decision and provide feedback on the last set of results.

Locations, making sense of it all

In some cases there is more than one reference number for each location. It is unclear why this process could not have used a single reference throughout the process. That said we have identified locations on the following basis.

  • An area of development is primarily named based on a road that is very close to the area. This distinction has been made by PVA because we all know road names.
  • For each area we have called out one or both of the following: A Green Belt Assessment reference number (GBA) or a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment reference number (HELAA)
  • A link to a page where we have extracted the details for you. This page contains references back to the CDC source documents to help you to locate them on the CDC website.

Use the table below to navigate through to the site details in each case.  Use the map to locate the reference numbers. In the column on the right is a link to a page dedicated to this site. You can find out further details there. Click on the link titled summary.

Location (road) Also affects GBA HELAA Link to Summary
Barley View (1) n/a 4.049 CD0056 Summary
Barley View (2) n/a 4.048 CD0057 Summary
Fair Acres Wright’s Lane n/a CD0162 Summary
The Glebe Honor Wood Close, Chequers Drive, Chequers Lane n/a CD0254 Summary
Greenlands Lane n/a 4.046 CD0177  Summary
Groom Road Wycombe Road, Wrights Lane, Hildreth Road n/a CD0301 Summary
Honor End Lane (1) n/a 4.047 CD0239 Summary
Honor End Lane (2) Honor Wood Close 4.050 CD0237 Summary
Honor End Lane (3) Honor Wood Close 4.051 CD0240 Summary
Hotley Bottom Lane n/a 4.045 CD0010 Summary
Lodge Lane (1) Widmere Field, Lawrence Grove 4.054 n/a Summary
Lodge Lane (2) Lawrence Grove 4.055 n/a Summary
Nairdwood Lane (1) High Street, Honor Road n/a CD0038 Summary
Nairdwood Lane (2) Nairdwood Way, Glebdells Close, Atkins Farm 4.056 n/a Summary
Nairdwood Lane (3) Honor Road, High Street n/a CD0281 Summary
Nairdwood Lane (4) Honor Road, High Street n/a CD0281 Summary
Peterley Lane n/a 4.066 n/a Summary
Sixty Acres Clare Road, Blacksmith Lane n/a CD0274 Summary
Wycombe Road (1) n/a 4.052 CD0024 Summary
Wycombe Road (2) n/a 4.053 CD0034 Summary
Wycombe Road (3) n/a n/a CD0188 Summary
Wycombe Road (4) n/a 4.057 CD0238 Summary
Wycombe Road (5) Lodge Lane, Widmere Field 2.02 n/a Summary

About us and what we are trying to do here

Prestwood Village Association as a community group neither agrees or disagrees with any proposal, as an association we are neutral. We see our role is to make sure the community is aware where groups are making decisions that may affect your environment, quality of life and other aspects of living in Prestwood. Prestwood Village Association is independent of any local authority or parish council. The PVA committee are all residents in Prestwood.

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