This site has been put together in the hope that we may encourage as many people in Prestwood to respond to the: Initial (Regulation 18) Consultation Incorporating Issues and Options which closes on the 14th of March 2016. We placed some information on the PVA parent website asking if people were interested in some help to find the important and relevant parts of the consultation as it applies to Prestwood. A PVA sub committee was formed and we have between us spent over 50 hours on creating this content. We hope it will encourage some to respond that might not otherwise have bothered. 


This site has been put together to assist the Prestwood (Bucks) Community in responding to the currently active Initial (Regulation 18) Consultation Incorporating Issues and Options being conducted by Chiltern District Council.

You have this long to respond!

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Don’t leave it too late.

This consultation closes at 5pm on the 14th of March

The Paradox

Several people have made comments about the need for more infrastructure before new housing or “urban extension” development is planned for Prestwood. Many will disagree with the current proposed area for development in the sustainability document. Many may consider it is a waste of time responding.

The purpose of this Initial (Regulation 18) Consultation Incorporating Issues and Options is to ask the community what we think we need, and whether the process is reasonable and fair. The response to this from Prestwood should shape the future direction of the Local Plan. If Prestwood does nothing then Prestwood is not influencing the direction of this plan. No doubt many will complain as it develops further later this year, the next version will be out incorporating this feedback in the October/ November 2016 timeframe. Our ability to change the direction of current thinking will diminish the further CDC gets into this process.  So if you feel strongly about the propositions under review, do let CDC know by responding, even if it is a partial rather than full response.


The purpose of putting this site online is to provide some guidance to Prestwood residents to assist them in locating relevant material in the 80 or so online documents that form the evidence base for the consultation. We will provide a set of points or references that could be considered before providing a Prestwood based response to the questions. The site contains references back to the CDC website and documents, a glossary of common terms, and a page for each question where we have listed some responses to consider.

You will need to have a local copy of the questionnaire/ response form available. You do not answer these questions on this website. This website is provided to help you to answer the questions on the CDC site, or through the resources available on the CDC website.

Where do I respond?

The form and other methods for responding to the consultation can be found on the Chiltern District Website on this page: http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/planning/localplan2014-2036


  • To encourage as many people in Prestwood as we can to respond to the consultation in a meaningful way that starts to shape the future of Prestwood in a direction the community would like it to go in.
  • We aim to be completely transparent and objective in our guidance. We are not trying to steer anyone to a “right answer”.
  • There may be conflicting comments against each question, this is because people contributing to this website have different views. All views are valid.
  • Prestwood Village Association is not “representing Prestwood”. We feel it would be inappropriate to do so and each individual is encouraged to respond based on their own values. We do not have the resources to poll Prestwood for a group response to this consultation.

Help us to help you

Finally before you dive into this we have enabled comments on the site. We will moderate the comments before they are seen by the public. But if you wish to share any views in terms of corrections/ amendments to our research, please do go ahead and add your comments in. Equally if you wish to share an opinion about something, or highlight something then please do so.

While we reserve the right to moderate feedback, we will only delete comments that we do not consider to be constructive or relevant to the consultation.

Site Organisation

The site has a page summarising all of the questions, and each question is examined in relation to the evidence base on a separate page. As new material is put forwards we will add it to the site, so please check the menu to see what is available. There is a resources page and a glossary page too.

A good high level introduction has been provided by John Gladwin (CDC Councillor for Prestwood), you could start on this page to get an overview of what this is all about and how broad it is.

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