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This site has 353 news items on it and 53 pages (Jan 2015). It has been running for almost 2 years now. While you may not be aware of it, there are several ways you can search this site to locate something.

Using the Site Search facility

search this siteThe first is to use the search box in the sidebar. Simply enter what you are looking for, this will search the whole site and return items that may be relevant. For example one of our most frequent requests is about booking the village hall. Prestwood Village Association has nothing to do with the village hall which is managed by a different group. However we can connect you. Simply enter “Prestwood Village Hall” in the search box and then press Enter.

It will return many items in an order based on their relevance. At the top is an entry from the Community Directory. It includes the name Dave Yorston and his contact details.

Search News Items

Search News ItemsIn the sidebar is something that is called a “Category Cloud”, to make it a little more user friendly it carries the title Search News Items. Each item in the category cloud relates to a “tag” we assign to news items.

When we post something from Thames Valley Police we set the tag for “Police” when we publish it.  All items from TVP carry the tag Police, so you can instantly locate them by clicking on Police in the “Search News Items” entry in the sidebar.

The size of the font is a directly related to the number of articles on the site that use that tag. If it is very small there are perhaps less than 5 articles, whereas if it is a very large and bold font like CDC (Chiltern District Council) then in the current case there are 63 articles listed.

If you look at the “Search News Items” in the sidebar and move your cursor across the entries it tells you how many items are there.

To list them simply click on the item and it will display all of the entries that relate to the category. So by clicking on Planning this will bring up all of the articles that relate to Planning. You can now scan through them if you are looking for something related to planning.  – Simples.

Community Directory

One of the things that Prestwood Village Association considered to be useful to people in Prestwood is the Community Directory. This lists all of the groups and activities that run in or around Prestwood and currently contains over 120 entries. If you live in Prestwood and run a group, activity or business and are not listed, let us know and we will list you for free. This is a community resource and we wish to encourage connections. Follow this link to go to the Community Directory.



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