Many thanks to Fiona Waller for contacting PVA regarding the ongoing hot topic of LITTER:

Let’s start at home with Macroplastics in Prestwood…

We’ve all heard a lot about microplastics at sea and been appalled by the terrible conditions of birds and mammals being injured through ingesting plastic and the presence of plastic in their bodies.  The scenes from BBC’s Blue Planet struck a chord with us all.

However, at a clean-up at Sheepwash Pond in Honor End Lane this month, we collected about 40 plastic drink bottles from the edges of the pond and the water showing that this problem is just as much an issue locally as it is globally.

It’s not just bottles though – small plastic bags and sweet wrappers
also litter the area and could easily be eaten by ducks or frogs and
newts which inhabit one of the few areas of permanent water in

There are lots of community-minded people in Prestwood who
litter pick and collect rubbish that others have left or thrown down
around our village.  However, we need to make sure that we change
behaviours of our children and young people to discourage this
antisocial behaviour and whilst it’s great to support international
issues there is a real need now right at home in the village.

Thanks – Fiona.



2 thoughts on “Macroplastics”

  1. I’ll let the Blue Planet II team know that their series is having an impact at a local level, as well as influencing UK government policy, and international audiences’ behaviour. They’ll be delighted!

  2. This was their response…….

    Amazing, good to hear the message has reached Sheepwash Pond too!

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