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(Edited 14/12/2013)

Because we changed our policy on comments entered against news items we are reposting this article temporarily.

Prestwood Village Association wishes to make this site interactive for the community. As individuals we all have opinions, and sometimes we may feel alone with our opinions. One of the main purposes of this site is to give Prestwood a Voice. A website on its own does not do that; it only serves to make you aware of things that a central group has determined should be placed on it.

While all of the committee members of PVA are residents in Prestwood and are therefore part of the community we may not know about the topics that you feel strongly about, or are motivated to do something about. So feedback through the website may provide us with some valuable insights to whether we are flagging up the right subjects for you and also seek support from the rest of the community.

Commenting on News articles

All News item have a “Leave a comment” link at the bottom. If you wish to comment to agree or disagree or provide more information then click on the link. A form will appear simply put in your email address and first name or nickname and add your comment. The email address is not exposed publically on the site. There is now no need to register on the Prestwood Village Association website.


All comments will be moderated which means members of the PVA committee will check the comments prior to publishing them. PVA reserves the right to delete or remove inappropriate comments without notice. If we moderate a comment by removing something it will be noted in the comment. Sometimes these systems are abused by other people outside of the community or by hackers. This is the main reason for moderating the comments.


We ask that any comments are made politely as if you were speaking face to face with the author or the commentator in an open meeting. You are more likely to see support for your point of view if you are polite.

Am I anonymous?

We don’t know who you are if you choose to use an alias. We do record the IP address of your computer. This does not identify you, but allows us to make a judgement if you are in China or the USA for example. You are not under any obligation to use the same email address you used for signing up to the newsletter. However common sense prevails. You will be more likely to have your comment accepted if it is on subject, polite and makes a relevant point. Others will read it and take note of it if it carries a name even if it is a forename such as MarkW as opposed to “Obnoxious Internet Troll“.

How do I sign up?

You don’t need to sign up now. We have removed the need to sign up. Just click on the comments link on a news item and enter your reply.

Help to make the Prestwood Village Association website interactive!

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