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The Prestwood Village Association website contains mostly very local news that is relevant to, or believed to be of interest to the Prestwood Community.  We frequently get requests to add information to the news page on the website.  We now use a team of editors to add and edit content on the site.

Subscribers to this website can provide both news and events to us to be added to the site. The following guidance is aimed to both help you, and help us so we are not full time editors, we are only volunteers at the end of the day.

There are two steps you can take to market an event, the first is to add it to the calendar. The second is to request a news item.

Marketing an Event

Rule #1. Don’t leave it until the week before!

Always consider marketing an event in a timely manner. Failing to observe this very simple guideline will reduce the effectiveness of what you are hoping to achieve.

If you have an event there is a page specifically set up so you can add your event into our calendar. There are a few simple rules you need to follow, but it is quite straightforward. Please follow them to ensure your event is added to the calendar.  You need to do some preparation first as the goal is to “get it right first time”.

To add an event to this website please follow this link:

Request a Calendar Entry

Your calendar entry will be added to a queue and one of the editors will review it and if it is appropriate will publish it. Please note that we do not hand craft or edit what you send to us. We only check it. So please be very careful and clear in the content you add.

Requesting a News Item

When you add something to the calendar it sits in the calendar but someone needs to find it. This is fine for recurring events. You may also wish to consider adding it to the news page. This is a separate area, and has some advantages over the calendar.

An item on the news page has higher visibility (when it is new) and is near the top of the page. Over time it drops down the page.  The other benefit is each month we compose a newsletter and then select news items from the news page for inclusion. If your item is added to the newsletter it is sent out to over 900 email addresses.

I added an event why can you not add it to the news page?

Fundamentally because we are all volunteers, we use our free time to manage and administer this website. We don’t object to adding things, but only in exceptional cases do we wish to be your copywriter. We do not charge anyone for adding things to the site.  It is all a matter of time, so help save us time by explicitly filling in a news page form if that is what you want to happen.


We do not publish everything, and do not include everything in newsletters. We will often be more biased towards free community events and activities rather than those that are purely of a commercial nature.

If you wish to apply to have a news item added to the website please fill in the form below and click on submit. Please ensure that all of the fields in the form are filled in.  Your submission will be reviewed and then may be added to the website.

The form allows you to enter the text you wish to see in the news item. It also allows you to add a document that contains the text. Please always use MS Word or Text format to send us text, not a PDF file. Because we cannot always use the text in a PDF file. We will not retype the text from an image file.

Don’t send just a poster

Rule #2: A poster is simply an image, send us the TEXT

A common problem for us is people just send us a poster. Unfortunately computers are not that smart. A human can see what is in a poster and read it, but a computer cannot. If you are going to send in a poster which you are welcome to do so, also extract the text from it and add it in the text area in the form so we do not have to retype it all in.

If we have text with an item then it can be searched for and indexed by the various Internet Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc).  So it is very much in your interests to do so.

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