New building at Sprinters for Abbey Gym Club

Abbey Gym Club has entered the Aviva Community Fund to raise money for its new building and needs your votes please.

We have until 21 November to get as many votes as possible for our project here:

Key points:

  1. Voting is free!
  2. Everyone has 10 votes to cast – we want all 10 please!
  3. Anyone with an email address can vote, including children (just tick the box to say they are under 16)
  4. We need all votes to be cast by the deadline on 21 November

Here is what our project looks like online, with our first 10 votes being cast:

Thank you for all your votes!  Read on for details of why we need your votes:

Abbey Gym Club was established in March 1984 to provide gymnastics training to the children of the Great Missenden parish, which includes Prestwood.  Throughout its history, our Club has operated out of school and parish halls, and has been based at Prestwood Junior School for about 25 years.  This operating model gives us three major problems:

  1. The hall size is smaller than a standard gymnastics floor area and is only able to accommodate a restricted number of gymnasts;
  2. We can only hire the school hall three evenings per week plus all day Saturday, thus restricting the numbers of gymnasts that can be accommodated in classes;
  3. The equipment must be set up at the beginning of every session and taken down again at the end of every session, which causes wear and tear on the equipment and our helpers.

We have 240 children in our club who take part in gymnastics sessions for at least one hour per week during term time, making ours the largest sporting club in the neighbourhood.  However, the impact of the above problems is that our waiting list has grown every year and we now have around 300 children waiting to join our club, who may wait up to 3 years to join.

We have been granted planning permission to build a new gymnastics centre within the grounds at the Sprinters Leisure Centre on Honor End Lane.  Having our own building will enable us to bring in most, if not all, of the children on our waiting list, and run “parent and toddler” classes and adult classes.



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