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Updated 21/07/17

Message from Cara Nix

We are delighted to let the local community know that the application to create a childrens day nursery at the Kings Head in Prestwood was finally approved by the planning committee at the council meeting on 20th July.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all the support that the
application has received.  We believe the nursery will have a golden future.

Andy and Cara Nix

Previous History


“Following discussion at Thursday’s CDC planning committee meeting, a decision on the Kings Head planning application was deferred in order to obtain a clearer picture on the traffic impacts on the site.  It was noted that the principle of whether change of use was acceptable was established with an appeal decision on the Bull at Bellingdon, when the Inspector decided that a nursery was a community asset.” 

Previous history:

Cara Nix writes (updated 16th June 2017):

From the current owners of the Kings Head, Prestwood.

“We are delighted to inform you that a planning application has been submitted for a change of use for the building, from a public house, to a different asset of community value, a children`s day nursery.

As you may be aware we acquired the pub in February last year.

We are both local people and sensitive to local needs and views.

When we bought it we always knew that it could and should continue to operate as a building that would add value to the village. We were never in the business of simply making a quick profit and walking away. We sincerely hope you will share this view and support this change.

In the last year we have worked hard to sell the property as a going concern, please check the planning application Ref. No: CH/2017/0440/FA, appendix 1 details all the pub and brewery chains contacted, all to no avail.

We have spoken to many people and assessed the local community facilities and a children’s day nursery was highlighted as a desperately needed asset.

This is our first communication with the forum, although we have read comments with interest. We decided not to respond to the comments made, inaccurate as some were, until we had concrete news to tell. We would, however, like to make it absolutely clear that we “gazumped” nobody, but have been accused of doing so. The facts are that the property was on the open market with Savills in Southampton. We made an offer for the freehold and it was accepted. At no time were we informed that any other offer was on the table.

The group of Prestwood businessmen, interested in buying the property, consists of two individuals, one of whom purchased the Travellers Rest public house on the High Street in the village. This building was shortly afterwards demolished and replaced with housing. Morally, and socially, we cannot be certain of their motives for wanting to buy this property.

Inevitably there will be differences of opinion about what we are proposing, change is often viewed negatively.

We see this change as the best way of turning a consistently struggling pub/restaurant, in a relatively remote part of the village, into a much needed community asset.

We hope that you are able to take some time to look at the details in the planning application Ref. No: CH/2017/0440/FA and that the community will support the application.”

Andy & Cara Nix

Note from PVA: If the links under the planning application reference do not work, please go to this location: and enter this reference and you should be able to find it. CH/2017/0440/FA

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13 thoughts on “News about the Kings Head Pub”

  1. Seems the best reuse for the building to me.
    We seem to have sufficient pubs/ restaurants in Prestwood
    I never felt the internal layout of the old Kings Head made for a particularly attractive restaurant; and I could not see how it could be improved without very major works.
    Apart from the nursery at Holy Trinity I am not aware of another nursery to serving the Kingshills and Prestwood, so it seems likely that the demand will be there

  2. Think that will be Amazing . Plenty of space for a super out door area for the children on sunny days an car parking for drop off an pick up too . Great for the Village

  3. At last, someone putting to good use a village asset that has been failing for many years. What a great use for the old place, looking after the next generation of Prestwood villagers. Let’s just hope no spanners appear to clog up the works!

  4. I think it’s a great idea, my only reservation is the increased traffic turning right into and out of the premises onto the busy A road when the cars will contain children.
    It doesn’t work as a pub and , no offence to the current owners, it’s becoming an eyesore as it has no identity and there is no point spending money on it as it stands.
    Good luck with the application

  5. At last a good idea for its use. Agree with Nicole’s comment (above) about cars though.

    I do have a gripe about the planning application access statement :
    “It is expected that a number of children using the nursey would live in close proximity to the site and there is a bus stop located within 250 feet, which would reduce the number of comings and goings in private vehicles. The generous plot size would also provide ample opportunity for secure cycle storage, further reducing the dependency on private motor vehicles.”

    If the children lived close they wouldn’t use the bus, and being that young they wouldn’t cycle. Therefore no effect on number of car journeys. Also the bus stop on the far-side of the road is the other side of the Peterley cross road, which makes walking to that stop dangerous where young children are involved as there is no crossing and no footpath.

    1. When pulling out of the premises there is very good vision in both directions, easily if not better than pulling out of the church car park, also the cars and lorries pulling in and out of sainsbury,s , so hopefully this wouldn’t be an issue

  6. An excellent idea and very much needed. The traffic is a minimal point and positive change means a little more traffic albeit. There is a real need for this In Prestwood with parents travelling for miles to nurseries.

  7. Update on the Kings Head
    Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to read and also comment on the application to create a children’s day nursery at the Kings Head.
    We have been overwhelmed at the level support shown on this site and the Facebook page.
    If anyone feels inclined, your comments about the application, can be registered formally by accessing the Chiltern District Council’s planning department website where the application is listed.
    Planning application Ref. No: CH/2017/0440/FA
    Thanks again.
    Andy & Cara Nix

  8. I wish you luck is your quest to find a use for the Kings Head. I would have thought that a day nursery, or a bed & breakfast business would both be valuable assets to the community. I am assuming that you have assessed the demand for both.
    I am sure that everyone agrees that a pavement from Gt Kingshill to Peterley would be a community asset as well which would of course make your business more viable and wouldn’t do the Spar or Red Lion in Great Kingshill or the Polecat & Hildreths any harm either

  9. Can’t believe this is still an issue, this is just going on and on , there are other buiseness that have to pull out on the road , Hildreths have far more cars in and out than a nursery would,The church, Sainsbury,s , all have far more cars , this is so unfair that this is being held up for a reason that has already been addressed ,what is going on !!!!!!

  10. What are Andy and Cara Nix’s role in this application? The planning application was made by Mr and Mrs B Whitlock.

    1. Hello Chloe, thank you for your comment. Andy and I (Cara) own the property freehold. The aim is to create a needed community asset for the Parish.

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