Would you like to have a say on local policing?

Would you be interested in participating in a frank, open forum in which updates on policing around the Chiltern area are discussed?

The Chiltern Community Forum makes this possible for all residents of Chiltern.

Operated in conjunction with Chiltern District Council and Thames Valley Police, Chiltern Community Forum provides a platform for Thames Valley Police to carry out its statutory duty to inform and consult with residents of neighbourhoods.  These include making arrangements to:

  • obtain the views of residents about crime and disorder in the neighbourhood;
  • provide residents with information about policing in the neighbourhood;
  • organise regular meetings between residents and police officers with responsibility for supervising or carrying out policing in the neighbourhood.

Meetings are held quarterly, chaired by Andy Garnett.  In addition to Thames Valley Police, Chiltern District Council’s Community Safety Partnership is represented at all committee meetings.

Ahead of each meeting, residents are invited to complete a short online survey, selecting their top priorities from a list of 22 priorities, and submitting comments.  The survey and the meetings are publicised in advance and during the period of the survey on the Chiltern Community Forum and Chiltern District Council websites, through social media and by other means.

Survey results are collated and analysed, and used to inform the meeting.  At the meeting, priorities for the coming three months are decided, and police representatives review progress on previous priorities, and report on other local policing matters.

Meetings are open to all Chiltern residents.  The next meeting is at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 21st November, at Rossetti Hall, 38 New Pond Road, Holmer Green HP15 6SU.  The survey will be open from 5th to 18th November.

Setting policing priorities is only part of the story.  Chiltern Community Forum also exists to encourage community involvement and individual responsibility, as means towards a safe and healthy community.

It does this by helping identify where the community can play its part, by working with Thames Valley Police and other partners.

This is especially important, against a backdrop of squeezed funding and reduced numbers of personnel available for neighbourhood policing, both nationally and locally.

  • Including central government and local funding, Thames Valley Police funding has fallen by 15% in real terms between 2010-11 and 2018-19.
  • Numbers of police officers employed by Thames Valley Police have fallen since 2010/11 by around 11%.
  • In recent years, an increasing proportion of central government funding has been reallocated to fund national priorities.

No-one would question the importance of nationwide priorities such as terrorism, serious and organised crime, child sexual abuse and civil emergencies.  But neighbourhood policing is just as essential in maintaining the confidence of the public, and is at its most effective when working alongside local partners.

Already much good work is happening within communities.  Chiltern is very fortunate to have many agencies, charities, organisations and groups, all working to enhance the lives of its residents and communities.

Community Speedwatch and Neighbourhood Watch are just two examples of members of the community coming together to address concerns and make their communities safer.

Chiltern Community Forum’s website seeks to help facilitate as many of these initiatives as possible, and to provide information about where to go to report crime, and to seek help and advice.   In addition to providing the platform for local consultation with Thames Valley Police, its overall goal is to contribute to making Chiltern a better, safer place to live and work.

There are many ways in which YOU can help:

  • Please participate in the survey and, if possible, attend the public meetings.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@ChilternForum) and help spread the word.
  • Visit our website (https://www.chilterncommunityforum.org); if you’d like to suggest content, you can contact us on contact@chilterncommunityforum.com
  • Please consider helping your community and neighbourhood in some way.