Open Letter to GMPC

The following has been passed to Great Missenden Parish Council from Prestwood Village Association. 

Public Consultation for CDC Local Plan (2014 – 2036)

It has come to the attention of Prestwood Village Association (PVA)  that there may be an expectation from Great Missenden Parish Council (GMPC) that PVA represents the views of all residents in Prestwood, including the collective views of some of the established groups that exist within Prestwood.  This is a misperception, and PVA do not wish anyone to consider that we can or will represent the views of the whole village.

For the avoidance of doubt; Prestwood Village Association exists to connect people together and inform the residents of Prestwood. Where a body of opinion exists within the subscribers to Prestwood Village Association we will endeavour to connect people sharing similar opinions together so that they may make their own representations to local government or other agencies on any emerging issue. We actively encourage the participation of residents in public consultations, and where these public consultations have not been adequately advertised (meaning most people are unaware of them), then we will promote them to our subscribers and on the website.

For those that wish to offer an opinion to PVA, we are willing to take all such opinions into account and provide that as feedback to GMPC. However at best we have a membership of 780 people in a village of 2600 homes and around 1200 unique website visitors.  Therefore it would be unreasonable to assume that we can reach everyone or echo everyone’s views.

Prestwood Village Association encourages all groups, big or small to provide their input into GMPC directly where a Public Consultation is underway and led by GMPC. PVA request that Public Consultation participation with GMPC should not be restricted, particularly for established Groups in Prestwood who may have a body of opinion that carries weight into any such consultation.

Mark Wingrove
Chair, Prestwood Village Association



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