Potholes, Pavements, Gulleys and Drains

Potholes and pavement faults have become an endemic problem throughout Bucks after maintenance budgets were cut even before the current period of national austerity. Consequently only the most serious faults are being addressed as a priority.  The backlog of repairs and resurfacing work will require  many millions of pounds to overcome and seems likely to remain  a Hot Topic for the foreseeable future.   Furthermore, the exceptionally wet weather and storms in early 2014 have highlighted blockages in drains and gulleys, and has added to the work of the responsible authorities.

Nevertheless, you can help them to find out where the most pressing problems are, and to allocate the resources they have appropriately,  by using the facility to Report on Line of by calling 0845 230 2882.

For more information about all aspects of this intractable Hot Topic, including the definition of a Category 1 pothole,  please see these related articles or use the search facility on this website and enter the text “potholes”


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