Prestwood Archive

A new site was published in August which is very much in its infancy and seeking support from the community.

The site is called Prestwood Archive and can be located here:  It is intended to eventually become an open source of historical information about Prestwood over the past 113 years and is the brain child of Mark Cunnane, a long time resident of Prestwood.

The site is split into 7 websites, one is the umbrella site and introduction to Prestwood Archive and the remaining 6 sub sites cover periods of 20 years between 1900 and the present day. The site has been made possible through a donation from Sweet Charity.

At the moment the top level has some content in it, but it is largely the work of two people so far and there is a lot of effort required to build the complete site with images and stories from the previous 113 years.

There is a page that explains the sort of help needed which can be located here. There are several sources of historical documents and images from some of the families in Prestwood that have been here for many years. We are seeking new materials that people consider may be of interest and also the volunteers to make it all possible.

For the moment we will concentrate on the period 1900 to 1920 to get the site started. Currently there is some infomation in the top level site and a small image gallery. There is also information from a survey carried out in 1881 which looks at the population of Great Missenden Parish and what they were doing at the time, maps of how the area has changed over the years are also available as a slide show.

One of the challenges with this type of work is capturing and preparing images for the site. The one below shows before and after digital restoration. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Prestwood Cricket Club 1932/3 - Original image
Prestwood Cricket Club 1932/3 – Original image

Prestwood Cricket Club Winners 1932-33-1600px

Interested in finding out more? Visit Prestwood Archive