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20/05/14 Have a look at   Looks like a good opportunity to have your say on the  Prestwood bus service.   What do you think needs to be done to improve public transport?  Leave a comment below and email or tweet @getbucks_now.

Trevor Pagdin has written to PVA regarding the level of residents’ satisfaction with the number 48 bus service.

“It seems to me that the frequency of the buses here is very low, considering that the service links two rail stations and is the only route serving Prestwood. Also on weekday mornings the buses to Wycombe from the Village Hall are at 7:32 and 9:04. So it’s really only the 7:32 that can be used by people working in Wycombe, but that is also heavily used by schoolchildren.  A similar problem occurs in the afternoon when the 48 leaves Wycombe at 14.20 and then there is a gap until 16.12.  Also, why can we not have at least one electronic display, say at the Village Hall bus stop, to confirm when a bus is actually coming. We do seem to be the poor relations when it comes to a bus service. Perhaps this is a topic that the PVA would consider taking up with Arriva?”

What do you think about the local Arriva service to/from Prestwood? Please do leave a comment below.



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  1. I agree with you. I actually wrote to Arriva about this in December 2013 (not on behalf of the PVA), as I too find the local bus service to be inadequate, particularly in the evenings. I sometimes want to go out in High Wycombe after work and not drive. It is really impossible to do this because the bus is so irregular and stops too early for an evening out.

    Here is the response I got from Arriva:

    Good Afternoon

    I apologise for the delay in replying to you, however your email was forwarded to our planning department for feedback and they have now responded

    They have advised that funding for evening services has been reduced in recent years which included late night links on the route.

    They are looking at reviewing this with Bucks County Council in April next year, with the possibility of introducing some later services, however generally this route is relatively lightly used and less likely to gain additional funding.

    I then emailed Bucks CC in January about the poor bus service in general not just in the evenings, and asking further about local consultation around funding the service mentioned in the Arriva response. I suggested that the PVA could publicise any consultation that might be happening around changes to the service. However, I did not receive a response at all.

    My view is that the service is poorly used because it is so irregular; if we had a better bus service more people would use it – ‘chicken and egg’.

    I have just sent a copy of that earlier email to and await a response. Perhaps you could also email in to them with your comment? The more people write in, the more the local council will take notice.

    What I plan to do next is to speak with Alan Stevens, our local Bucks County Councillor, at the PVA AGM on April 15th, in the village hall, 7pm. I would encourage anyone concerned about the local bus route to attend, and to write or email him about it as well.

  2. I have often thought that every train arrival (and by definition almost every departure!) at Gt Missenden should be met by a local bus service to Prestwood (8000 residents), using a mini-bus sized vehicle. We are lucky in that Aylesbury and Marylebone trains often pass through Gt Missenden at approx the same time, reducing the number of bus trips required. There might even be scope to run the service with volunteer drivers.

    What we need is a survey to find out who would use such a service and which trains they routinely use. Then perhaps apply for grant funding from Sweet Charity and others to buy a block of mini-bus hire time – say 2 months as a trial – run the service to and from the Village Hall via Lodge Lane at a non-profit ticket price and demonstrate the route’s viability.

    I wonder how many PVA subscribers would support this idea by posting a comment below?

  3. My family and I have twice recently tried to catch a bus down to Great Missenden. Despite being in plenty of time as per the advertised timetable, on both occasions the bus never came (certainly within a reasonable waiting time). It is bad enough that Prestwood only has an irregular bus service, but that those buses cannot be relied upon to run to timetable is very frustrating!
    I would love to see a mini bus meeting every train’s arrival/departure – it would certainly help with the cost of commuting as the car parking costs at the station are very high. My husband rides a scooter to the station every day but this is somewhat dangerous, especially given icy conditions in winter and the number of pot holes on the road. A bus service would be much appreciated, especially if costs could be kept reasonable.

    ps could you possibly change the location of the spam filter question on this comment form to put it above the ‘Post Comment’ button? I’ve just typed my reply twice as I didn’t see the question the first time and I was considered a spammer!

  4. The Arriva bus service seems to be timed to miss all trains and is woefully inadequate as a means of public transport to and from Prestwood to Great Missenden Station. I have advocated such a minibus service for years. It would significantly ease the traffic in the mornings and evenings, reduce pollution and if the charges were less than the station car park be financially attractive. Can like-minded people contact me with a view to setting up a trial period. My email address is

    Ian Rodger

  5. Have just seen in the Bucks Examiner that there’s going to be a massive overhaul of bus services in Bucks. YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE YOUR SAY See:
    You can leave your feedback/opinon/suggestions via the above link. Let’s see if we can get an improved bus service in Prestwood – maybe a smaller form of transport other than a coach or double decker to provide an efficient bus service between Prestwood and Gt Missenden Railway station, Stoke Mandeville, Amersham and Wycombe Hospitals, and one that doesn’t take an hour to get from Prestwood to High Wycombe [via the moon!].

  6. I agree with all the views expressed. If the Arriva cut one bus and hour from the Aylesbury Route, that would reduce their frequency to 3 buses an hour and would enable us to have 2 buses every hour. “Simple”

  7. It does seem to me that there are not enough buses running when we most need them. However Arriva must be discouraged by the poor take-up of the existing service. We need to find out why more people do not use it. Is it because of the circuitous route the bus takes? Or is it that some people would not dream of catching a bus?

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