Prestwood Infant School’s petition

Message from Nicola Raher, Headteacher at Prestwood Infant School:

“As many villagers are aware, we have been campaigning for some time to improve the footpaths outside school. We have now set up an e-petition with Bucks County Council which will run for 28 days.

Please take the time to follow the link below and sign the petition. If you can, please also circulate the link to your family, friends and colleagues:

We so desperately require your support to push this campaign forward, and we thank you in advance for taking the time to do so.

Kind regards – Nicola Raher – Headteacher”

Both the Prestwood Village Association and the Prestwood Revitalisation Group have been lobbying to improve safety in Moat Lane outside the Infant School for a while now.  See input under previous items posted on this website.   Preferred Choices for LAF, Prestwood Villagers Speak Loud & Clear and Participation in Setting Local Priorities.



2 thoughts on “Prestwood Infant School’s petition”

  1. As a senior citizen, I think the pavement is downright dangerous and I generally walk on the road when negotiating Moat Lane.

  2. I concur with Elizabeth regarding the pavement and too have resorted to walking on the road which in itself does not set a good example to young children. In addition to this I wonder if something could be done to improve the width of the footpath that runs from the High Street near Blacksmiths Lane through to Chequers Lane.(Public footpath 59). The footpath width is very restricted in several places and when escorting children to school it is impossible to pass folk from the opposite direction without stopping or pushing yourself and children into hedges containing holly and stinging nettles. I’m told the allotment side is the responsibility of the parish council and is trimmed twice a year. The opposite side is the responsibility of the bucks highways agency who seem reluctant to approach the households whose garden fences have additional hedges on the footpath side. Surely something can be done to make going to and from schools less hazardous.

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