PVA is now on Facebook

Facebook page linkPrestwood Village Association now has its own Facebook group thanks to committee member Karine Lipinski. To join the group simply click on the Facebook icon or follow this Facebook link.

Why Join?

If you are already on Facebook then you will get messages that directly relate to Prestwood delivered to you. Depending on how you configure your settings that may be events delivered to your inbox as they are posted, or simply a message on your wall. It is a more immediate method of receiving news.

Why have a Facebook group as well?

We know that we reach about half of the village of Prestwood, and that the majority of users fall into the age range 35+. Of course there are exceptions!  Many people in the age range 16 – 40 will use Facebook as a means of communicating and staying in touch. We anticipate by using Facebook we will be able to reach more people.

We will not inundate you with messages, in fact we hope to figure out how to connect the news feed from the website to Facebook to reduce the admin burden. Any news will reach you potentially more quickly. It is ultimately a personal choice you make. It is there if you want to try it out.



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