PVA Meeting Minutes (21/04/13)



21st APRIL 2013 at 4.00pm


PRESENT:             PVA Working Group and approx 85 Prestwood residents

Apologies also received from  25 families unable to attend.

John Cadman welcomed the residents, introducing the presentation and the members of the Working Party.   He encouraged feedback from the attendees and hoped that eventually 50% of local residents would join the Association.  He stressed that everyone present must encourage others to join so that critical mass is reached – without this, the association will have no value and will fold.

The presenters underlined that the PVA is a catalyst to enable villagers to find information on events and issues relating to Prestwood and that, by joining with others, it will enable each individual voice to become powerful.  Regular Newsletters will be emailed to subscribers to ensure that they are kept up to date with current local affairs; villagers should ensure that they visit the website regularly and keep the PVA updated with any changes or additions necessary.


Q: The Parish Council is non-political – members are not politically represented.
A: Agreed

Q: Can the PVA decide what to do with any remaining funds should it finally be dissolved?
A:  PVA is not a charity and therefore, according to our constitution, can choose where outstanding funds are donated.

Q: Who is liable for any outstanding debts on dissolution – Is it the committee or the members?
A: It is the members; HH agreed to produce a budget with the accounts at the AGM so that members can check that future planned expenditure is in line with income.

The Constitution was proposed for acceptance by Henry Hall, seconded by Anthony Redington and passed unanimously.


CHAIRMAN: John Cadman,  proposed by Steve Hayes, seconded by Mark Wingrove.
Passed unanimously

SECRETARY: Katy Nex, proposed by Jeanette Hedley, seconded by Wendy Mears.
Passed unanimously

TREASURER: Henry Hall, proposed by Bob Swayne, seconded by David Banks,
Passed unanimously

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Anne Banks, Mary Cadman, Madeleine Harrison, Steve Hayes, Elisabeth Kirton, Malcolm Paddick, Barbara Rowett, Karine Lipinski, David Smith, Bob Swayne, Colin Veysey and Mark Wingrove.

CV commented that Karen Pither, Parish Councillor, had asked to be elected but this was not possible according to the constitution; however, JC confirmed that PVA was determined to work very closely with councillors. Proposed en bloc by Mike Exell Seconded by Martin Everitt. Passed unanimously

JC thanked those present for their support and confirmed that the first committee meeting would be on Saturday 25th May at 9.30am at Thimble Lodge, Green Lane.

Questions raised from the floor during the meeting were as follows:

Q: Who has funded the PVA?
A: BR responded that PVA has received 2 grants – £250 from Mike Colston’s BCC Community: Leaders’ Fund and £300 from CDC Community & Revitalisation Team.   Any further monies needed will be obtained by fund raising.

Q: What will actually happen?  Meetings and consultations generally produce no positive response eg the proposed introduction of wheelie bins.
A: BR responded that the PVA will not be involved in issue resolution but will provide timely information to enable villagers to comment on local issues.  Eg Wheelie bins were first discussed several years ago and that would have been the time to make comments. However, a demonstration and presentation is to be held at the Village Hall on 17th May for all to attend.

Q: How should villagers encourage friends and neighbours to subscribe to PVA ?
A: MW confirmed that each page of the website (except the Home Page) has a “Share” button.

Q: What should I do as I have no computer?
A: Ask a friend or relative to be a “buddy” for you.  PVA will work via the website and email, not paper copies.

Q: What information is there about the forthcoming meeting on Planning?
A: There is a public meeting in the Village Hall on 23rd April – however, it appeared that very few people were aware of this and there was a distinct lack of information.  This was cited as an excellent example of how the PVA could help villagers by informing them and encouraging them to attend this meeting.

See “Hot Topic” for more info on DDPD.  Andrew Garnett confirmed that no compulsory purchase of land was envisaged at this stage.

MW will circulate a NewsFlash to the current subscribers to alert them all to this meeting and the relevant page of the PVA website.

JC closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and encouraging them, yet again, to spread the word and GO MAD FOR PRESTWOOD!

The meeting closed at 5.30pm

Meeting Presentation

You can download a PDF version of the presentation that was given at the meeting by following this link: PVA-Launch-A.02. Please note that it is quite large so may take some time to download.