Recycling made easier

Car park recycling bins now take glass, metal and plastics

Photo of recycling bins in Prestwood Car Park
Recycling bins in Prestwood Car Park

PVA was alerted by a subscriber that the Prestwood Car Park glass recycling bins had been removed and it seemed that there were no plans to replace them.

PVA contacted local councillor John Gladwin, who informed us that in fact, the containers in the car park are now able to take glass, plastics and metal and it was not necessary to have separate bins for these. He wrote:

“Chiltern District Council are pleased to announce that the mixed recycling bins at Prestwood Car Park can now be used for recycling glass along with metals and plastics (in the same way as the blue domestic recycling bins). This will reduce the number of recycling bins in the car park with the removal of the 3 glass recycling containers.”

Further information on local recycling facilities can be found at (link opens in new tab).



2 thoughts on “Recycling made easier”

  1. I was advised by a council worker that all the recycling bins in the Prestwood car park are due to be removed at Xmas. Apparently, this is because households now have their own recycling bins and the communal ones are no longer required. One has to ask then, why are they full to overflowing every week?

    The PVA might like go get and publish further clarification on this issue. The removal of these bins would only add to the fly-tipping problem that already exists.

  2. Total madness to think of removing the recycle containers. As has already been said they are often overflowing and obviously in high demand.

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