Land between Long Row and Barley View?

An enquiry in from a Prestwood villager….

“I wonder if anyone has any information to share about the clearing of a parcel of land between Long Row and Barley View behind the High Street?  After 14 years, the peace of the neighbourhood has been disturbed by the destruction of this area that had become a haven for wildlife. The area of approx 5 acres has been razed, with few trees remaining, and the badgers who lived there have moved into the surrounding gardens. Residents have been trying to find out who owns the land and why they might be doing this, but it is hard to find out any definite information. There are specimen trees left on the boundaries that should be the subject of preservation orders.  I would be pleased to hear from anyone who might have useful information to share; or ideas about how we can return this land to a wildlife habitat. Many thanks.”      For location, see this map

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