Sheep Wash in the Spring

Sheepwash Pond in SpringI live near Sheep Wash Pond on Honor End Lane, and have taken a few photographs there over the years. This year I took some to show the changes as Winter released it’s grip and Spring started to take hold.

There have been two families raised over at Sheep Wash this year, the first was a small brood of Mallards back at the beginning of May. When I first saw them there were 5 chicks, they used to cross Honor End Lane and visit my pond. A somewhat dangerous mission, but the traffic did stop for them. Sadly they have all disappeared due to predators. The same happened last year as well to an even larger brood.

The second family are Moorhens. Two parents and three chicks. These are currently still around, and as you can see in the images below, one of the chicks visited my garden a couple of times too. Not sure what happened to the other two at the time, but I checked the following day and there were still three chicks by the pond which look like large black cotton wall balls on a pair of large feet.

How to view the slide show

There are several ways you can view the slideshow below, manually click through or by clicking on the image (twice) you can get it full screen and it will run automatically. There are also some descriptions for some of the images.

Cowslip (8-04-14)
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Any photographers out there?

Do you have any images to share? We would like to see some from the Prestwood 10K race, we can also show video on this website. Please contact us if you have something to share. Also we have the Big Lunch this coming Sunday. Another photo opportunity.



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