SHLAA Sites in Prestwood

On the subject of the DDPD and in particular SHLAA sites (see article), Prestwood resident Lance writes:

“Purchased our house 40 years ago because of its large quiet garden. We have no intention of selling. To have 50% taken away would be a disaster as far as we are concerned. This is an area of AONB and any extra houses would contradict the principle of this title. In addition, the local infrastructure is only just coping with the present demands and any further housing development would stretch schools, roads, sewage etc. to breaking point.”

Do note that the closing date for comments to Chiltern District Council is 5pm on the 7th of June (this coming Friday).



One thought on “SHLAA Sites in Prestwood”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Lance’s sentiment above.

    It has been said that the probability of SHLAA site development in Prestwood is highly improbable, given its inclusion within the Chilterns AONB. However, the potential for development, and the associated blight on the lives of people in Prestwood, remains until CDC removes the sites from their written plans.

    Even if you are not directly affected adversely by the existence of the SHLAA sites in Prestwood, please do tell CDC now what you think of the proposals and support other villagers who are campaigning to have CDC reconsider this aspect of their development plan.

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