Sprinters Car Park being surfaced at last

Chiltern District Council Agrees Package for Prestwood’s Sprinters Leisure Centre

Local Prestwood Councillors Mark Cunnane, Andrew Garnett and John Gladwin are delighted that Chiltern District Council has agreed to:

(1) re-surface Sprinters car park properly at a cost of £130,000 and, once the surfacing work is completed,

(2) grant a 30 year lease providing much needed security of tenure.

Commenting, Cllrs Andrew Garnett and John Gladwin said “This is the culmination of 4 years of campaigning and work to finally get Sprinters finished. Local residents deserve a facility where they can park their cars safely. To ensure continuing investment in the site, it is key that we have a proper lengthy lease in place.”



2 thoughts on “Sprinters Car Park being surfaced at last”

  1. I’m so pleased to hear that Sprinters car park will at last be resurfaced properly.
    The car park is an absolute disgrace, it’ll be great to be able to actually drive in and not worry about very deep potholes & puddles.


  2. Great news. The Carpark has been unbelievably bad and gives a very poor first impression of the club.

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