Success at last…

After 20 months of lobbying, our voices have been heard – one small success for the community…

For those of you who’ve followed the saga, within the last few days, BT Openreach have finally transferred their internal workings from the offending cabinet on the corner of Honor End Lane and the A4128 Wycombe Road into a new one which has unobtrusively been erected alongside the fence by the offices of D C Kaye & Co, and the old cabinet has been removed.

White van man takeover? Five BT vehicles finally came to the rescue.
White van man takeover? Five BT vehicles finally came to the rescue.

A huge thank you to the PVA, Prestwood Revitalisation Group, Prestwood Society, Prestwood Gardening Society, Prestwood Nature, The Source, and our local councillors, Alan Stevens (BCC), John Gladwin (CDC) and the GMPC, who’ve kept the pressure on to get this done, following BCC Highways confirmation that the cabinet was obstructing the sight line for traffic trying to exit Honor End Lane.

Thank you too to D C Kaye & Co for co-operating and for everyone who’s had to put up with going off-line for a period a few days ago.

One small step forward in improving the look of our village centre has been achieved, so let’s press forward with other schemes now – watch this space.

To catch up on the history of the BT Broadband cabinet saga see here.



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